2022 Wish List

Arizona/Colorado/Idaho/Nevada/New Hampshire/New Mexico/Oregon/Texas/Utah/Washington/Wyoming, United States/Philippines/Tanzania, North America/Africa/Asia
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2022 Wish List

This is a simple wish list of the outdoor activities I hope to complete this year (some of these are repeats).   If anyone is interested in any of these trips, please let me know! 


1KilimanjaroClimbed May 27Tanzania
A view of Kilimanjaro across the clouds as seen from Mount Meru
2Mount MeruClimbed May 19Tanzania
Mount Meru as seen from the slopes of Little Meru
3Kit Carson MountainClimbed July 23Colorado
Kit Carson Mountain as seen from above Willow Lake
4Challenger PointClimbed July 23 Colorado
Challenger Point and Kit...
5Crestone PeakClimbed August 28Colorado
6Crestone NeedleClimbed August 28Colorado
Approach to Humbolt Peak
7Mount EolusClimbed July 2Colorado
Mt Eolus from the Ridge up North Eolus
8Sunlight PeakAttempted July 3Colorado
Sunrise on Sunlight
9North EolusClimbed July 2Colorado
North Eolus Dawn
10Grand TetonDidn't make it this yearWyoming
Grand Teton
 11South Caineville MesaDidn't make it this yearUtah
South Caineville Mesa
12South SisterDidn't make it this year Oregon 
South and Middle Sisters from...
13Mount HolmesDidn't make it this yearUtah
14Vestal Peak-Wham RidgeDidn't make it this yearColorado
Arrow Peak and Vestal Peak Reflection
15Spanish Fork PeakDidn't make it this yearUtah
Spanish Fork Peak
16Ben LomondDidn't make it this yearUtah
Willard Peak and Ben Lomond
17Grandview PeakDidn't make it this yearUtah
Grandview Peak
18Mount WaasDidn't make it this yearUtah
Looking south from the summit...
19Pilot MountainDidn't make it this yearUtah
Pilot Mountain
20Green MountainDidn't make it this yearUtah 
(R) Pilot Mountain, (L) Green Mountain
21Castle MountainDidn't make it this yearUtah 
North Face
22La Sal PeakDidn't make it this yearUtah 
La Sal Peak
23Manns PeakDidn't make it this year Utah
Manns Peak
24Mount TomasakiDecemberUtah
Mount Tomasaki from near Geyser Pass
25Burro RidgeAttempted January 22Utah 
July 6, 2001From the summit...
26Mount MellenthinDidn't make it this yearUtahMount Mellenthin from above Geyser Pass
27Mount HillersDidn't make this yearUtah
Mount Hillers
28The HornDidn't make it this yearUtah
Mt. Pennell, 11,400 feet, the...
29Bull Mountain Didn't make it this yearUtah
Mt. Ellen
30Mount PennellDidn't make it this yearUtah
Mount Pennell
31Mount PowellDidn't make it this yearColoradoMount Powell
32Emory PeakDidn't make it this year TexasSunset on Emory
33South RimDidn't make it this year TexasThe view south of the Chisos...
34Pinnacle #1DecemberUtah 
35Chute ButtressDecemberUtah 
36Greg Mace PeakDecemberColorado
Storm Clouds Break
37Gray Head PeakClimbed August 21Utah 
Gray Head Peak
38Hite BMAttempted February 6Utah 
Hite BM
39Swallow Rocks Didn't make it this yearUtah
40Peak 5750Climbed January 10, January 12, January 14, January 18, January 24, January 28, January 31, February 4, February 8, February 15, February 23, March 7, March 15, March 29, April 19, April 21, April 26, May 3, June 9, June 10, June 13, June 14, June 22, June 28, June 30, July 5, July 6, July 12, July 14, July 18, July 27, July 29, August 6, September 5, September 13, October 1, October 24, October 27, November 3Colorado
Kessler on the summit of Peak 5750
41Baldy CincoDecemberColorado
PT 13,313 & Baldy Cinco
42Crag CrestClimbed August 3, September 18Colorado
Crag Crest on 11/12/2020
43Mount GarfieldNovember, DecemberColoradoLooking NW
44West Elk PeakClimbed September 4Colorado
West Elk Splendor
45Mount SniktauClimbed November 20ColoradoLooking south from Mt Sniktau
46Dinosaur HillClimbed January 20, February 3, February 14, March 3, June 27, June 30, July 19, August 23, August 26, November 14Colorado 
Sunset from Dinosaur Hill
47Riggs HillClimbed January 17, March 23, April 20, April 23, June 20, September 26 Colorado
48Peak 5239Climbed March 5ColoradoKimberly on Peak 5239
49Peak 5482 November, December Utah
50Mack BMClimbed March 31, October 14Colorado
Summit of Mack Benchmark
51Triangle MesaNovemberColorado
52Peak 5059November, DecemberUtah
Westwater Canyon from Peak 5059
53Peak 5140Climbed March 6Utah
View from Peak 5140
54Peak 10,926Didn't make it this yearColorado
Lost Park Meadow and Peak 10926
55Tunnel PointClimbed May 8Colorado
On the summit of Tunnel Point
56Peak 5180Climbed November 10Colorado 
Approach trail to Peak 5180
57Pinyon MesaClimbed July 30Colorado
View from Pinyon Mesa
58Peak 12,585Didn't make it this yearColorado
59RB-18 BenchmarkClimbed May 8Colorado 
View from RB-18 BM
60Black RidgeClimbed July 15Colorado
Devils Canyon from Black Ridge
61Chalk MountainDidn't make it this yearColorado 
Chalk from the north
62South Shale RidgeDidn't make it this year Colorado 
63Mount JeffersonDidn't make it this year Oregon
64Glacier PeakDidn't make it this year Washington
66Black Mountain (Henderson)Didn't make it this year Nevada 
67Coxcomb PeakDidn't make it this yearColorado
Spectacular view of Coxcomb...
68Redcliff PeakDidn't make it this year Colorado
Coxcomb Peak (left) and...
69Fortress Peak

Didn't make it this year

Fortress Peak
70Precipice Didn't make it this yearColorado
Precipice Peak
71Peak 5780 (San Rafael Reef)DecemberUtah 
72Fiftymile MountainDidn't make it this yearUtah 
Kaiparowits Plateau
73Black Crook PeakDidn't make it this yearUtah
The highest point
74Ibapah PeakDidn't make it this yearUtah
75Haystack PeakDidn't make it this yearUtah
Looking north to Haystack...
76Mt. TimpanogosDidn't make it this yearUtah
Timpanogos Everest Ridge
77Humphreys PeakDidn't make it this yearArizona
All six peaks of the San...
78Rabbits Ear MesaNovember, DecemberColorado
View from Rabbits Ear Mesa
79Eagles Nest RockClimbed January 10, January 12, January 14, January 18, January 24, January 28, January 31, February 4, February 8, February 15, February 23, March 15, March 29, April 19, April 21, April 26, May 3, June 9, June 10, June 13, June 14, June 2, June 28, June 30, July 5, July 6, July 12, July 14, July 18, July 27, July 29, August 6, September 5, September 13, October 1, October 24, October 27, November 3Colorado
80Haystack 3 BMClimbed April 6, June 8, June 9, June 15, July 13, August 2, October 13Colorado
View south from Haystack 3 Benchmark
81Moore Fun RidgeClimbed March 18Colorado
View from the Moore Fun Ridge
82Point 5900 (Stagecoach)November, DecemberColorado
Grand Mesa as viewed from the Stagecoach Trail
83Dome BMClimbed July 21, July 26, August 10, August 11, August 12, August 15, August 16, August 19, August 29, August 30, September 1, September 6, September 7, September 12, September 15, October 6, October 12, October 15, October 20, October 31, November 1, November 8, November 16, November 18Colorado
View from Dome BM
84Fletcher MountainDecemberColorado
Fletcher Mountain from the basin above Blue Lakes


Climbed April 1, April 25Colorado 
Unnamed Image

Wagon Wheel Point

Climbed May 7 Colorado 

Harpers Corner

Didn't make it this year Colorado
Unnamed Image

Hilgard Mountain

November, DecemberUtah  
Hilgard Mountain is

South Ridge Mount Ellen

Didn't make it this year  Utah 
Henry Mountains

 Signal Peak

Didn't make it this year  Utah 
Pine Valley Mountains/Signal Peak

Glenwood Mountain 

Didn't make it this year  Utah 
Northern Sevier Plateau

Landsend Peak

Didn't make it this year Colorado 
Landsend Peak

Sheep Mountain (San Juans)

Climbed June 12 Colorado 
Sheep Mountain

Mount Lambourne

Didn't make it this year Colorado 
Mt. Lamborn (left) and its...

Peak 11,180 (LCW)

Didn't make it this year Colorado 

Pacific Peak

December Colorado 
Pacific Peak from Crystal

Atlantic Peak

Climbed March 27 Colorado 
On the ridge of Atlantic Peak

Stewart Peak

Didn't make it this yearColorado  
Stewart Peak

Gold Dust Peak

Didn't make it this year Colorado 
Gold Dust Peak

Conejos Peak

Didn't make it this year Colorado 
Conejos Peak from Southwestern arm


101Hesperus MountainDidn't make it this yearColorado
Sunset light on Hesperus Mountain
102Landslide PeakDidn't make it this yearColorado
Landslide Peak
103Geneva PeakDidn't make it this yearColorado
Geneva Peak
104Mount FloraDidn't make it this yearColorado
Mount Flora as viewed from Colorado Mines Peak
105Mount Hope DecemberColorado
scrambling on Mount Hope
106Treasury MountainDidn't make it this yearColorado
Opposite Yule Pass from...
107Peak 13,001Didn't make it this yearColorado
Lost Man Lake from Lost Man Pass
108Whale PeakDidn't make it this yearColorado
Whale Peak taken from Gibson...
109Corcoran PeakDidn't make it this yearColorado 
110Peak 4629(Climbed November 20 2021)Utah 
View from Peak 4629
111McGraw Benchmark(Climbed December 5 2021)Utah 
Summit of McGraw Benchmark
112Peak 4780Climbed January 29Utah 
View from near Peak 4780
113Wheeler PeakDidn't make it this yearNew Mexico
Wheeler Peak from near...
114Little MeruClimbed May 18Tanzania 
A giraffe right in the middle of the trail to Mt. Meru.
115Peak 5212Climbed January 15Utah 
View from Peak 5212
116The KnollClimbed January 16Utah 
View from The Knoll
117Trachyte PointClimbed February 5, February 6Utah 
Descending Trachyte Point.  Mount Holmes in the far background
118U206 BMClimbed February 6Utah 
View from U206 BM.  Mount Hillers in the background
119Cedar PointClimbed February 20Utah 
120Dominguez RimClimbed February 26Colorado 
Kessler and Shaylee on the Dominguez Rim
121Peak 5916November, DecemberColorado 
122Peak 5551Climbed March 21Colorado 
123Peak 5684Climbed March 30Colorado 
View of Grand Mesa from  Peak 5684
124Peak 5460Climbed March 21Colorado 
View from Peak 5460
125Peak 5611November, DecemberColorado 
126Opal HillClimbed April 7, August 22, September 16, November 15Colorado 
Unnamed Image
127Mount ArkansasAttempted April 24Colorado
Mount Arkansas
128Peak 6570Climbed May 2Colorado
Unnamed Image
129Peak 6580Climbed May 6Colorado
Unnamed Image
130Peak 13,100Climbed June 12Colorado
Summit of Peak 13,100
131Peak 6460November, DecemberColorado 
132Peak 7741Climbed June 18Colorado
View from the slopes of Peak 7741
133Mount Pulog  DecemberPhilippines
View of Mt. Pulag from south
134Mount Mayon Didn't make it this yearPhilippines
Mayon volcano
135Pinatubo DecemberPhilippines
Pinatubo: Entering rough country
136BulusanDidn't make it this yearPhilippines 
137Peak 9060Climbed July 28Colorado 
View from Peak 9060
138Pike RidgeClimbed August 8, August 24, September 8, November 2Colorado
Looking out over the Book Cliffs from near Pike Ridge
139Peak 8780Didn't make it this yearColorado 
140Peak 8582Climbed August 25Colorado
Near the top of Peak 8582
141Peak 8524Didn't make it this yearColorado 
142Brushy PointClimbed August 18Colorado
View from Brushy Point
143Lookout MountainClimbed October 10Colorado 
View from the slopes of Lookout Mountain
 144 Peak 6700Climbed August 23, October 8 Colorado
View from Peak 6700
 145 Peak 9463Climbed August 21 Utah
Summit of Peak 9463
146Monument MesaClimbed September 2Colorado 
147Goat PeakClimbed September 4Colorado 
148North Menan ButteClimbed September 10Idaho 
149Texas MountainClimbed September 19, September 29, October 7Colorado 
Threatening Storm Clouds and Ghost Forest on Texas Mountain
150Peak 7729Climbed September 29, October 6Colorado 
View from Texas Mountain


151Peak 7208Climbed September 24Colorado
View from Peak 7208
152Ball MountainClimbed October 2Colorado
Mount Sheridan from Ball Mountain
153Rabbit MountainClimbed October 11Colorado
Rabbit Mountain
154Fish Lake HightopClimbed October 17Utah
Giant Boulders on Fish Lake Hightop
155Avenues Twin PeaksClimbed October 22Utah
Tree on Avenues Twin Peaks
156Peak 4879Completed November 12Utah
View from Peak 4879

Technical Rock Towers and Buttes

1Lizard HeadDidn't make it this yearColorado
Lizard Head
2Sphinx (Moab)DecemberUtah 
3Canyon Point ButteDecemberUtah 
4Lost World ButteDecemberUtah 
1st Pitch, 5.7
5Tomsich ButteDecemberUtah
Morning Tomsich
6Slab BoulderNovember, DecemberColorado 
7Dallas Peak Didn't make it this yearColorado
Dallas Peak
8Dunce RockDecemberUtah
Dunce Rock FFA 5.10+ R
9Looking Glass RockDecemberUtah
10Boars TuskDidn't make it this yearWyoming
Boars Tusk
11Bullet HoleDecemberColorado
12Second FlatironDidn't make it this yearColorado
First and Second Pitches
13Jabba the Hut Climbed November 24Colorado
Climbing the north side of Jabba the Hutt
14Walmart TowerNovemberColorado 
15Elephant ButteDidn't make it this yearUtah
Elephant Butte
16Sport BoulderNovember, DecemberColorado
Summit of Sport Boulder in Bullet Hole Climbing Area

Slot Canyons

1West CanyonDidn't make it this yearArizonaWest Canyon
2Cha CanyonCompleted June 24Utah 
Cha Canyon on the north side of Navajo Mountain.
3Nasja CanyonDidn't make it this yearUtah 
4Lower LarryDecemberUtah 
5Willis CreekCompleted July 11Utah
Willis Creek.  It is supposed to flow year round here, but it was dry!
6Fivemile WashDidn't make it this yearUtah 
7High SpurCompleted March 19Utah
High spur chamber
8Hades Knoll CanyonDidn't make it this yearArizona 
9Cove CanyonDidn't make it this yearArizona 
10Rider CanyonCompleted March 11Arizona 
Ryder Canyon. Ryan Emmett photo.
11North CanyonCompleted March 13Arizona 
North Canyon.  Ryan Emmett photo.
12Sevenmile CanyonCompleted February 19Utah 
Kim in Sevenmile Canyon
13Duckett SlotDidn't make it this yearUtah 
14Shoot TC CanyonDidn't make it this yearUtah 
15Devils 1Didn't make it this yearUtah 
16Jackass CreekDidn't make it this yearArizona
Jackass Canyon
17Boulder CreekDidn't make it this yearUtah
Boulder Creek
18ConstrychnineDidn't make it this year Utah 
19Adobe Swale Didn't make it this year Utah 
20SlidenideDidn't make it this year Utah 
21Hart Didn't make it this year Utah 
22Gruvers SlotDidn't make it this yearUtah 
23Fry CanyonDidn't make it this yearUtah
Inside Fry Canyon
24Lower Ute CanyonCompleted April 29Colorado
25West Serviceberry DrawCompleted May 7Colorado 
Unnamed Image
26Red BreaksDidn't make it this yearUtah
Red Breaks
27Burch CanyonDidn't make it this yearUtah 
28Turtle TearsDidn't make it this yearNevada 
29Hidden CanyonDidn't make it this yearNevada 
30RigpinDidn't make it this yearNevada 
31SheepboneDidn't make it this yearNevada 
32Quarry CanyonDidn't make it this yearNevada 
33Cherry CanyonDidn't make it this yearArizona 
34Columbus CanyonCompleted April 3Colorado
Rappel in Columbus Canyon
35Ribbon CanyonCompleted April 27Colorado
Ribbon Canyon
36Pleiades CanyonDidn't make it this yearUtahPleiadis Canyon
37Three Bridges CanyonNovember, December Utah
The Bride
38Chasm CanyonCompleted April 15 Colorado 
Inside Chasm Canyon
39Zero GravityDidn't make it this yearUtahZero G Slot Canyon
40Kodels Canyon Completed April 28 Colorado
41East Fork Ribbon CanyonCompleted April 27Colorado
Shaylee in Ribbon Canyon
42Black HoleDidn't make it this yearUtah 
43Benson CreekCompleted July 8Utah 
Kimberly in Benson Creek
44South Fork MaidenwaterDidn't make it this yearUtah 
South Fork Maidenwater
45Hayes CreekDidn't make it this yearColorado
Unnamed Image
46Echo CanyonNovemberColorado
The Falls in Echo Canyon
47Mel SlotCompleted November 6Utah
Kessler on the approach to Mel Slot
48Little DoloresCompleted June 16Utah
The Potholes of the Little Dolores River
49Angel CreekDidn't make it this yearColorado
Angel Creek in the San Juans near Ouray
50Portland Creek/Ivans TrailDidn't make it this yearColorado
Portland Creek


51Lower Oak CreekCompleted August 14Colorado 
Middle Oak
52Corbett CreekDidn't make it this yearColorado 
53Egypt 1Completed February 12 Utah 
54Egypt 2Completed February 12 Utah 
Egypt 2 Canyon
55Egypt 3Completed February 13 Utah 
Egypt 3 Slot
56Rim ShotCompleted January 30Utah 
Rim Shot Canyon
57Shillelagh West ForkCompleted February 20Utah 
Kim in Shillelagh Canyon

Little Bluejohn

Completed March 20Utah 
Brian in Little Bluejohn Canyon

West Fork Bluejohn

Completed March 20Utah 
Climbing Out

Lower Monument

Completed April 15 Colorado 

Marble Canyon

Completed April 9Utah 
Unnamed Image

Mystery Canyon

Completed July 10 Utah 
Rappel above Mystery Springs

Orderville Canyon

Completed July 9 Utah 
Orderville Canyon

Misery Canyon

Completed April 30Utah 
Unnamed Image
65Elder Spring CanyonCompleted September 25 Utah
Rappel in Elder Spring Canyon
66Shillelagh East ForkCompleted October 30Utah
East Fork Shillelagh Canyon

Backpacking Trips (non-summit)

1West Clear CreekDidn't make it this yearArizona
Bear Canyon Narrows
2Clear CreekDidn't make it this yearArizona
The Colorado River
3Swett CreekDidn't make it this yearUtah
4Fourmile CanyonDecemberUtah
Narrows section
5Sams Mesa Box CanyonDidn't make it this year Utah 
6Spring and Nates CanyonsDecemberUtah 
7Tonto Trail-South Bass to BoucherDidn't make it this yearArizona
8Main CanyonDidn't make it this yearColorado
Rock Tower
9Coal CreekCompleted November 12-13Utah 
Green River and Gray Canyon
10Flat and Rock Creek LoopDidn't make it this year Utah 
11Saddlehorse CanyonDidn't make it this yearUtah 
12Phantom to Crystal LoopDidn't make it this yearArizona 
13Deer Creek to Kanab Creek LoopDidn't make it this year Arizona
Lower Deer Creek Falls
14Lower Grand GulchDidn't make it this yearUtah
Big Man Panel
15Slickhorn CanyonDay hiked April 16Utah 
A well preserved ruin in Slickhorn Canyon
16North Rainbow TrailDay hiked a section on June 24Utah 
17Blue Lake/Indian PointDay hiked a section on June 26 Colorado 
Grand Mesa from Kannah Creek
18Wet Beaver CreekDidn't make it this yearArizona
The Edge of Wet Beaver
19Bullock Draw/South Fork Coal Wash(Completed December 11-12 2021)Utah 
Exploring Bullock Draw
20Gypsum Canyon Didn't make it this yearUtah 
21White CrackDidn't make it this year Utah
White Crack
22Twin Corral Box CanyonDidn't make it this yearUtah 
23Bandelier National Monument

Didn't make it this year

New Mexico
Cave houses
24Bullfrog CreekDecemberUtah 
25Harris Wash/Fence CanyonDidn't make it this yearUtah
Hikers in Harris Wash
26No Mans CanyonDidn't make it this year Utah 
27NankoweapDidn't make it this yearArizona 
28Tanner-Beamer TrailDidn't make it this yearArizona
Tanner Trail - Upper Reaches
29Escalante River-Death HollowDidn't make it this yearUtah
Bottom of Death Hollow
30Ashdown GorgeDidn't make it this yearUtah
Toms Head
31Potter CreekDidn't make it this yearColorado 
32Dry Rock CreekDecemberUtah 
33Mikes CanyonDecember Utah 
34San Juan CanyonDecemberUtah 
35Steep Canyon-Hot CanyonDidn't make it this year Utah 
36Misery-Parunaweap CanyonCompleted April 30-May 1Utah 
Unnamed Image
37Tanner Wash-Hot Na Na WashDidn't make it this yearArizona 

Day Hikes

1Mee Canyon to the AlcoveNovemberColorado
Mee Canyon Alcove
2Seiber CanyonCompleted April 2 Colorado 
Petroglyphs in Sieber Canyon
3Echo CanyonCompleted March 16, June 22, September 20Colorado
Walls in Echo Canyon
4Serpents TrailCompleted January 13, February 9, February 10, February 21, February 24, March 22, March 25, April 5, June 10, June 29, October 5, October 19, November 7, November 25Colorado
The Serpents Trail on 1/14/2020
5Redlands Mesa TrailsCompleted March 17, October 9Colorado
6Skyway TrailsCompleted February 27Colorado
West Bench Trail
7Old Spanish Trail-Gunnison BluffsCompleted March 14Colorado
Gunnison Bluffs
8Devils Canyon OverlookCompleted February 7Colorado
Devils Canyon
9Lunch Loops from White CapCompleted March 4Colorado
10Lunch Loops from Tabeguache Completed April 4Colorado
Sunset from the Lunch Loops
11Lake of the Woods TrailDidn't make it this year ColoradoAutumn leaves on Grand Mesa
12McDonald Creek BenchesNovember, DecemberColorado
The Colorado River (Horsethief Canyon) as viewed from the benches above McDondald Canyon.
13Ribbon TrailCompleted June 14Colorado
Ribbon Trail
14Devils KitchenCompleted March 28Colorado
Devils Kitchen
15Monument Canyon-top to bottomNovember, DecemberColorado
Monument Canyon
16Liberty Cap TrailCompleted April 27Colorado
Liberty Cap
17Bullock Draw(Completed December 11 2021)Utah 
Looking into Coal Wash
18Devils CanyonCompleted October 26, November 17Colorado
Devils Canyon
19Highland Lake TrailsCompleted November 25Colorado
Highline Lake
20Big Dominguez CanyonCompleted June 7, July 4, July 13Colorado
Big Dominguez Canyon
21Little HoleCompleted April 8Utah
Cliffs at Little Hole
22McDonald CreekCompleted November 24Colorado
Kimberly in McDonald Canyon
23Black Ridge TrailCompleted August 1Colorado
View from Black Ridge Trail
24Rifle ArchNovemberColoradoRifle Arch
25Flume Canyon TrailsCompleted April 13 Colorado
Flume Canyon
26Wedding Canyon-Monument Canyon LoopCompleted November 19Colorado
27Echo LakeAttempted to get to on June 18; but found access to be blocked by private land.Colorado 
28Lower No Thoroughfare CanyonCompleted January 6. April 14Colorado
29Fruita Reservoir #1 Trail/Ridge Trail/Haypress Trail/Turkey Flats Completed July 30Colorado 
A deer and the pretty forest on Pinyon Mesa
30Escalante Canyon PotholesDidn't make it this year Colorado 
31Good Vibes/Snakeskin/First Flat LoopCompleted June 21Colorado
Kimberly on the Snakeskin Trail
32Upper Liberty CapCompleted February 28, April 15, September 2Colorado
Liberty Cap Trail
33Neck Spring LoopNovemberUtah
Neck Spring
34Wilhite TrailNovemberUtah 
35Gooseberry TrailNovemberUtah
Gooseberry Canyon
36Grand View PointCompleted January 16Utah 
Murphy Point and Candlestick Tower area
37Monument Basin TrailNovemberUtah 
38Millard CanyonDidn't make it this yearUtah 
Millard Canyon
39Fisher Towers TrailNovember, DecemberUtah
Fisher Towers.  The Titan is the largest one.
40Canal TrailCompleted March 9, April 11, May 5, May 11, July 7, August 4, August 5, August 31, September 14, September 23, September 27, September 28, October 3, October 28Colorado 
41Colorado River TrailCompleted February 25, May 4, September 21, September 22Colorado 
Unnamed Image
42Corn Lake TrailNovember, DecemberColorado
Rabbit along the Corn Lake Trail
43Grand WashNovember, DecemberUtah 
Grand wash
44Window RockCompleted April 1Colorado 
View from near Window Rock
45Rim TrailCompleted April 1Colorado
View from the Rim Trail in Colorado National Monument
46Gunny LoopCompleted June 8Colorado 
47Third Flats Completed March 24, June 8Colorado 
View from Haystack 3 BM
48County Line TrailsNovember, DecemberColorado 
Snow covered trees on Grand Mesa
49East Fourmile DrawCompleted April 18, November 5Colorado
White Birds Panel
50Lost LakeCompleted July 31Colorado 


51Mesa Creek TrailDidn't make it this year Colorado 
52Miracle Rock TrailDidn't make it this year Colorado
Miracle Rock
53Rattlesnake ArchesNovemberColorado
Centennial Arch
53Fruita Paleontological AreaCompleted April 12 Colorado 
The historic Skinner Cabin at the Fruita Paleontological Area
54Balanced Rock Completed January 8Utah
Balanced Rock
55The WindowsCompleted January 8Utah
Double Arch
56Rough CanyonCompleted June 6Colorado
Rough Canyon
57Delicate ArchCompleted January 9Utah
Delicate Arch from the ledge route
58Broken Arch LoopCompleted January 9Utah
Broken Arch
59Lower Main CanyonCompleted January 11Colorado
Main Canyon
60Mesa ArchCompleted January 16Utah
Mesa Arch
61Buck Spring CanyonCompleted January 29Utah 
62Moonflower CanyonCompleted January 29Utah
Moonflower Canyon
63Birthing RockCompleted January 29Utah
Birthing Rock
6422 Sheep Completed January 29Utah
Panel near 22 Sheep
65Coal CanyonCompleted February 1 Colorado
Coal Canyon
66Palisade Rim TrailCompleted February 2Colorado
View from the Palisade Rim Trail
67Devils GardenCompleted February 13Utah
Devils Garden

Five Kivas

Completed April 17Utah 

Nations Natural Bridge

Completed April 17Utah
Kim at Nations Natural Bridge

Recapture Creek

Completed April 17Utah 

Shrine Pass

Completed April 24Utah
Wingle Ridge from near Shrine Pass

Otto's Trail

Completed April 25Colorado
View from the end of Otto's Trail

Materni Falls

 Completed May 16 Tanzania
Materni Falls

Ngorongoro Crater

 Completed May 31 Tanzania

Bennion Creek Ridge

 Completed June 3 Utah 

City Creek Meadows

 Completed June 4 Utah
City Creek near Cottonwood Gulch

Battle Creek Falls

 Completed June 5 Utah
Mount Timpanogos from the Battle Creek Trail
 76Wilson Arch  Completed June 23Utah  
Wilson Arch
 77 Aztec CreekCompleted June 25 Arizona 
Aztec Creek
 78 Kannah Creek Completed June 26 Colorado
Grand Mesa from Kannah Creek
79Water Canyon-Mossy CaveCompleted July 11Utah
Mossy Cave Trail
80Red CreekCompleted July 17Colorado
Exploring Red Creek in the San Juan Mountains
81Sayles CanyonCompleted August 26Colorado 
82Sterling HollowCompleted September 9 Utah 
83Cress Creek TrailCompleted September 11 Idaho 
84Jones Canyon OverlookCompleted September 17 Colorado
View from the Jones Canyon Overlook Trail
85Colorado Trail at Camp HaleCompleted October 2Colorado 
86Rope RidgeCompleted October 4Colorado
Part of Rope Ridge
87Howard CanyonCompleted October 21Colorado
Slopes around Howard Canyon at sunrise
88Grassy Knoll/Price RiverCompleted October 23Colorado
Petroglyphs at Grassy Knoll
89Trail Through TimeCompleted October 30Colorado 
90Butler CanyonCompleted October 29Utah
Hiking in Butler Canyon
91Cow Canyon TrailCompleted November 5Colorado 

Non Summit Crags and Climbs

1Left SlabNovember, December5.7Ice Cream Parlor (Moab)Utah 
2Walk on the Wild SideClimbed March 15.5Bullethole Cliffband (Grand Junction)Colorado
Kessler climbing Hands at the Bullet Hole Cliff Band
3ChimneyNovember, December5.7Bullethole Cliffband (Grand Junction)Colorado 
4Car JackingDidn't make it this year5.8Rotary Park (Ouray)Colorado 
5Prime NumberNovember, December5.8Bullethole Cliffband (Grand Junction)Colorado
Climbing at the Bullethole Cliff Band
6LoadedNovember, December5.10Bullethole Cliffband (Grand Junction)Colorado 
7Open CourtNovember, December5.11Bullethole Cliffband (Grand Junction)Colorado 
8Had it AllNovember, December5.10Bullethole Cliffband (Grand Junction)Colorado 
9HoooseDidn't make it this year5.7Grand MesaColorado 
10Hole WayNovember5.6McInnis CanyonsColorado 
11HanumanNovember5.7+ RMcInnis CanyonsColorado 
12White SpiceNovember5.7+ RMcInnis CanyonsColorado 
13Budget CornerNovember5.5 PG13McInnis CanyonsColorado 
14Pip's GullyNovember5.4 RMcInnis CanyonsColorado 
15Mario's Police LockNovember5.6PalisadeColorado 
16Otto's LadderNovember5.7 PG13Colorado National MonumentColorado 
17Kibbles and GritsNovember5.7Unaweep CanyonColorado 
18Roses RockNovember5.4Unaweep CanyonColorado
Shaylee climbing Rose's Rock
19Back NineNovember5.6Unaweep CanyonColorado 
20Spocks SocksNovember5.7Unaweep CanyonColorado 
21Red CornerNovember5.7Unaweep CanyonColorado 
22My Weekend WorldNovember5.7Unaweep CanyonColorado 
23UnknownNovember5.5Unaweep CanyonColorado 
24Spirit AnimalNovember5.7+Unaweep CanyonColorado 
25Fart GunNovember5.6Unaweep CanyonColorado 
26Tippy ToesNovember5.7Unaweep CanyonColorado 
27Just Your OpinyonNovember5.7Unaweep CanyonColorado 
28Elephant HeadClimbed March 85.7Colorado National MonumentColorado 
Kessler climbing Elephant Head
29First StepNovember5.5RifleColorado 
30Supre GuideNovember5.7RifleColorado 
31Doctor's OrdersNovember5.6RifleColorado 
33Do the Mash PotatoNovember5.7RifleColorado
34Rachel's RouteNovember5.7RifleColorado 
35CasualNovember5.7Rifle ArchColorado 
36Illusions P1November5.6Rifle ArchColorado
Illusions and Arm and Hammer
37Arm and Hammer November5.5Rifle ArchColorado 
39Jungle MonkeyNovember5.7PuouxColorado 
40The HarveyNovember5.7PuouxColorado 
41Bearded OutlawNovember5.7PuouxColorado 
42Five O'ClockNovember5.7PuouxColorado 
43Traditional ValuesNovember5.7PuouxColorado
Traditional Values
44Grey SlabNovember5.7Glenwood CanyonColorado 
45Easiest Main ElkNovember5.7GlenwoodColorado 
46DipthingDidn't make it this year5.7Rotary Park (Ouray)ColoradoKessler climbing at Rotary Park, Ouray
47Left Handed BluntClimbed August 13-at night!5.4Rotary Park (Ouray)Colorado 
Night climbing at Rink Wall.  It looks like my son lost his head.
48Sesame StreetClimbed August 13-at night! 5.4Rotary Park (Ouray)Colorado 
49Trip WonNovember, December5.6Bullethole Cliffband (Grand Junction)Colorado 
50ScoutNovember, December5.7+Bullethole Cliffband (Grand Junction)ColoradoTopping out on the Sport Boulder


51Random SportNovember, December5.8+Bullethole Cliffband (Grand Junction)Colorado 
52Normal LifeNovember5.8+Unaweep CanyonColorado 
53Wind, Sand, and SnowClimbed November 245.8Rabbit ValleyColorado
Climbing the north side of Jabba the Hutt
54Newb NationNovember5.6Unaweep Canyon Colorado
Mothers Buttress in Unaweep Canyon
55ExultantClimbed April 105.3Unaweep CanyonColorado 
56GrasshopperClimbed April 105.4Unaweep Canyon Colorado  
57Caveman ToolsClimbed April 105.4Unaweep Canyon Colorado
Climbing Caveman Tools, Washout, Unaweep
58MentaNovember5.4Unaweep Canyon Colorado 
59SGT StiglitzNovember5.7Unaweep CanyonColorado
SGT  Stiglitz climb
60Block-EhNovember5.5Unaweep CanyonColorado 
61Bear JNovember5.9Unaweep CanyonColorado 
62A Little DrearyClimbed March 15.6Bullethole Cliffband (Grand Junction)Colorado 
Kim climbing A Little Dreary at Bullet Hole Cliffband
63Strike a PoseClimbed March 15.6Bullethole Cliffband (Grand Junction)Colorado 
Kessler climbing Hands at the Bullet Hole Cliff Band
64 BonesNovember, December 5.9Bullethole Cliffband (Grand Junction) Colorado 
65 ThreadsNovember 5.6 Unaweep Canyon Colorado 
66Ouray Via FerrataDidn't make it this year 4B OurayColorado  
67Bee Hive (Sun Towers)November ? Unaweep Canyon Colorado 
68 Wet ItchiesDidn't make it this year 5.7 Maple Canyon  Utah 
69My Best Friends HaremDidn't make it this year 5.7 Maple Canyon  Utah 
70Bowling Ball Head Didn't make it this year 5.7 Maple Canyon  Utah 
71Don't Feed the MonkeyDidn't make it this year5.7Maple Canyon Utah 
72That'd Be MeDidn't make it this year5.6Maple Canyon Utah 
73I'll Make You FamousDidn't make it this year5.7Maple Canyon Utah 

Canoeing or Rafting Trips

1Gunnison River-Delta to Grand JunctionCompleted July 16Colorado
Gunnison Bluffs
2San Rafael RiverNot enough water this yearUtah
San Rafael River
3White RiverDidn't make it this yearColorado, Utah 
4Yampa River Didn't get a permitColorado, Utah
Yampa River
5San Juan River Didn't get a permitUtah
Sometimes I feel sorry for the river...
6Colorado River-Ruby HorsetheifDidn't make it this yearColorado, Utah
The Colorado River (Horsethief Canyon) as viewed from the benches above McDondald Canyon.
7Colorado River-Black CanyonDidn't make it this year Nevada, Arizona 
8Colorado River-Dewey Bridge to MoabDidn't make it this year Utah 
9Colorado River-Westwater CanyonCompleted April 8-9Utah
Westwater Canyon  from Peak 5140
10Colorado River-Glen Canyon Dam to Lees FerryDidn't make it this yearArizona
River Trail near Lees Ferry