3 Italian Parks Ready for Adventure

3 Italian Parks Ready for Adventure

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Hiking Places in Italian Parks

Now I live in Italy (Catania), I've traveled this country and visited many regions. Italy offers good experiences for adventure lovers.

Here a list of my favorite places where hiking is You are in Italy:
- The Cinque Terre National Park
- The Abruzzi National Park
- The Mount Etna Regional Park

The Cinque Terre (5 Lands)

Cinque Terre Coast

5 Lands

It's a five-miles rocky coast in eastern Liguria. Thousands of miles of stonewalls cultivated screw with 5 lands also called "Cinque Terre".

Now it's a national Park. Its territory is protected by UNESCO since 1997 as a system of natural environment. The area is characterized by the presence of steep slopes cultivated in terraces (a way to transform the territory to make them cultivable).

The landscape is characterized by the coast overlooking the sea, with cliffs and beautiful beaches between the rocks.

The five villages are, from west to east (that is, from Genoa towards La Spezia):

* Monterosso al Mare
* Vernazza
* Corniglia
* Manarola
* Riomaggiore

The Abruzzi National Park

Refuge Abruzzi on top, and astronomic observatory of Campo Imperatore


The territory of National Park of Abruzzi, Lazio and Molise consists mainly of a series of mountain ranges whose range varies from 900 to 2,200 m above sea level

The mountains of the Park present a varied and interesting landscape in which alternate rounded peaks, typical of Apennines and slopes typical of the alpine mountains.

The central area of the park is covered by the Sangro River. Inside the park there are only two lake basins: the artificial lake fed by Barrea Sangro river and the lake Vivo of natural origin.

The Mount Etna Regional Park

Etna - a creater near (southward)...

Mt. Etna

The territory of the volcano is all a world of different environments for morphology and type. The northern side of the park is rich of woods, the zone is called Linguaglossa.

The east side is dominated by the "Valle del Bove", a big volcanic depression which terrain is similar to Mars.

Over and above the 1500 m, in winter, this is the snow that often lasts almost summer. This is easily reachable from the south and north sides. Thus Etna have also two ski resorts.

From the South of Rifugio Sapienza, in the territory of Nicolosi, you can admire all the Gulf of Catania and the valley of Simeto.

In slopes to the north, those of Piano Provenzana territory of Linguaglossa, the scenario that opens the first of Taormina and includes the coasts of Calabria.

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