4 types of TOP records. My records and YOUR records!

4 types of TOP records. My records and YOUR records!

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This is not a classic list. But I didn't find any better place where to create it.

The Objective of this Page

I can place mountaineers into 4 groups:

1. Those who go into the mountains to enjoy its beauty and to make beautiful photos.

2. Peak-baggers, who try to "collect" as big number of peaks as possible. For them the important thing is to be on the top of the peak. To get up with own effort or by ski lift is not an important question fot a part of them.

3. Those who want to reach the peak with own effort, and every time wants to exceed the previous performance or record. It can be about the height of the peak, the elevation gain, the length of the hikeing, the techincal difficulty of the climb, or perhaps something else.

4. And of course there are those who are intereseted in all the above aspects: the beauty, the big number of peaks and the bigger and bigger achievements.

I think I'm in the 4th group. Also meaning that I want to achieve more and more. It also means that I'm proud of my actual top records. I suppose that many of you, SP mates, are also proud of your achievements. Still, in SP it's not easy to find who did what. From peak-logs you can find some information, but it's not easy, and many people don't save their peak-logs. Trip reports can also give some view, but most people don't write trip reports, and surely not about all top achievements. I would be interested in seeing who did what. That would give me further inspiration when I see how wonderful results other people have.

If other SP members are also intereseted in it, then with the help of the Comment function everybody can add his results, and this will give a long and interesting list of great results.

I think 4 types of personal top records can be the most exciting:
- Highest peak
- Highest elevation gain within one day
- Longest hike within one day
- Highest technical difficulty.


If you would like to add your top records you are proud of, please use the Comment function. And I would like to ask you to keep a few rules:

1. Don't feel embarrased seeing other people with higher top records. Everybody who is proud of his top record has room here! A numerically smaller top record doesn't mean that it is not something to appreciate. Age, health and other circumstances can make a realtively small top record into a really big one!

2. When you exceed your last top record, add an updated comment.

3. This "topic" is basically for listing your top records. But it doesn't mean that comments with congratulations or with questions are forbidden.

4. Give the elevations and distances both in feet/meter and in miles/km to make it easy to understand and compare for everybody.

5. Give the name of the country, the state in the US, and the mountain range for the peak you reached.

6. Give the date, too.

7. For the daily elevation gain give the name and altitude of the starting point as well as the name and elevation of the top point. The difference between the lowest and highets point of a tour within the same day is the thing that counts. If you start your tour from 1000 m, then go up to 2000 m, then down to 1500 m, finally up to 2500 m, then the elevation gain is 1500 m and not 2000 m. This is a rule that can be challenged, but if we agree on the other type of measure, that could be challenged, too. So I ask you to keep the rule I suggest, for the easier measure and easier comparision.

8. One type of top record should be one comment. So if you want to add 4 types of top records, please add 4 comments.

9. As a template I save my 4 types of top records now in the form of Comments. I hope many of you will add your records, too!