5 Blogs to boost your health

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Created On: Jul 24, 2017
Last Edited On: Jul 24, 2017

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5 Blogs to boost your health

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The tempo of life today is so fast and so jam packed with activities it is becoming increasingly difficult to have even a few minutes a day to just sit down and relax a bit. Even if you have the time and will to work out and eat healthily, gym fees and healthy and nutritious grocery options can put a big dent in your home budget. Some more advanced options like getting a personal trainer and a few visits to a nutritionist would be even more expensive!

Luckily, you have basically the entire sum of human knowledge at your disposal online and just with a bit of time and guidance, you can research exactly how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

But what and how to look for?

There is literally an infinite number of blogs on any given subject online. Health and health related topics are no different so you need to narrow it down and choose the ones that fit you specifically. And a lot of bloggers like writing inspirational stories about getting fit or nutrient achievements. Even if they use writing services from Writing service WriteMyPaper.Today, their ideas stay unique and just well-turned.


Like we said there are an infinite number of blogs on any given subject you can think of so focus on two or three areas that are the most important for you. For example, if you are a stay at home mom you can try and find easy and fast workouts that you can do in your home without any equipment! If you are working you can search for tips on easy and healthy meals to take to the office with you.

Getting healthier is not a single focus (on working out and being more active for example). It is a sum of several contributing factors like your stress levels, eating habits and working out to put it in general layman’s terms. When searching for blogs to follow find a mix of ones that focus on key areas you are trying to improve.

Save and subscribe!
Most blogs have an option that lets you register on their mailing list. If you choose this option, you will get an e mail notification whenever the blog posts something new. If you think that your mailbox is overstuffed as it is, you can always choose to bookmark your favorite blogs. You can even use scrapbook applications like Memonic to have digital clip outs of your favorite articles!

Use Social Networks to your advantage.
Most blogs and bloggers have a heavy presence on social media. Be sure to use this to your advantage. If you don`t want to follow closely some blogger and read the articles you can just follow them on Twitter for example for a quick tip on any issue you might be interested in. You can see a quick video of an interesting new exercise on Instagram or a pic of a great healthy snack with the recipe in the comments on Facebook.

Let`s see some blogs as an example:

Chris Kresser-Let`s take back your health:

This article is really useful for those who want to mainly educate themselves about a variety of common health issues related to our diets. How do different diets affect our organism? It follows all the latest trends in dieting and what is considered healthy eating so you can find articles on gluten free diets, carbs and how much of them is actually good for you and many more amazing and informative articles.


Prevention is an amazing blog that focuses on exercising for women who are around 50 and older. They have a variety of tips and tricks for newcomers as well as seasoned veterans with diverse workout programs that you could do at home or in the gym!


This is an absolute must. WebMD provides with medical, nutritional tips and workout tips for people of all ages and fitness levels. It is a great prevention site as well since it has many articles on early warning signs, healthy alternative for common unhealthy habits and more.

Flipping Fifty: The Blog

Amazing health and fitness blog for people over fifty. Designed specifically with healthy foods and useful exercises for people in their middle age. A lot of useful information in one place.

Healthy Midlife:

Get educated on the processes in your body that happen around middle age that make your body consume and process food differently than before. Use this info to your advantage towards a healthier diet and lifestyle!

As you see we tried to focus on few key topics and points within our chosen blogs and then to try and to learn as much as we can from them. Choose topics and blogs that you are interested in so you always keep focus. Try to find blogs that are most applicable for your tempo of living and eating habits!


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5 Blogs to boost your health