A wild nature at the Rödelstein massiv ...

If you know how is structured the Rödelstein, you wouldn't be unhappy here. The main massiv and the western tower are separated with a natural break, into the whom the marked path is finding his way ... To have the possibility of climbing on the top of the western tower (it's easy ! ), you so have to follow this path, very small and sided by giant ferns ! When you will coming here, for daring this small ascension, you will so meet the forestian country, which is showed to you, on my picture ... Leafy and resinous trees are here in a totally free harmony, and at the floor you can find a giant field of bilberrys (green leafs on the photo). The flavour of the resinous is enhancing you, it's excellent when you're ill and when your nose is blocked ... The site is quiet, comfortable and from the top of the western tower, you have a fabulous panorama deep into the valley of Erlenbach and Vorderweidenthal ! To do and to visit absolutely, to never forget !


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