Above  Pila Basin ... under Becca & Monte Emilius 2003

Above Pila Basin ... under Becca & Monte Emilius 2003

Pila Upper Basin

"Becca" from left or West and sunny: W Ridge, W-SW Rib, S-SW Slope, S little Crest, S-SE Slope, S-SE Crest, Carrel Pass to Piccolo & Monte Emilius NW Ridge.

From left three ridges of Monte Emilius: W-NW Ridge from Col Carrel (to the left or Northwest), SW Buttress from Mont Ròss de Comboé towards Col Ròss, Punte del Lago Gelato, Col de Comboé and Trident de Comboé (in center) and S-SE Crest or "Three Capuchins" Via also Standard Route (to the right).

From double Traverse. Punta de la Pierre (2653m), Col de la Pierre, Punta del Drinc (2663m), Punta del Couìss (2661m). With view to the Becca di Nona (3142m) and Monte Emilius (3559m).

October 12th, 2003
Picture by emilius
on Nov 21, 2014 5:39 am
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