adirondack fire tower challenge

adirondack fire tower challenge

New York, United States, North America
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A Group was created by the Glenn falls ADK dedicated to climbing the new your fire towers, and getting pepole outside of the high peaks to see the rest of what the 2 great parks of new your have to offer

23 of the 28 peaks must be climbed, including all 5 of the Catskill fire towers

towers them self dont have to be climb, nor is it recommended to climb all the towers (some are unsafe to climb)

some of the climbs are downright steep and long (gore is long and steep, adams is steep, woodhall is very long, snowy is as hard as at lease half the high peaks) while others are a walk in the park (belfry, kahne, red hill)

Peak Height Range Prominence
1.Hunter Mountain 4040 Catskill Mountains 2140
2.Snowy Mountain 3898 Adirondack Mountains 2225
3.Lyon Mountain 3820 Adirondack Mountains 2212
4.Wakely Mountain 3766 Adirondack Mountains 1620
5.Blue Mountain 3740 Adirondack Mountains 1909
6.Balsam Lake Mountain 3720 Catskill Mountains 460
7.Hurricane Mountain 3678 Adirondack Mountains 1982
8.Pillsbury Mountain 3602 Adirondack Mountains 1063
9.Gore Mountain 3563 Adirondack Mountains 1850
10.Mount Adams 3520 Adirondack Mountains 1027
11.Vanderwhacker Mountain 3409 Adirondack Mountains 1677
12.Overlook Mountain 3140 Catskill Mountains 620
13.Red Hill 2980 Catskill Mountains 580
14.Saint Regis Mountain 2881 Adirondack Mountains 1241
15.Owls Head Mountain 2812 Adirondack Mountains 1001
16.Tremper Mountain 2720 Catskill Mountains 320
17.Goodnow Mountain 2690 Adirondack Mountains 1017
18.Hadley Mountain 2680 Adirondack Mountains 960
19.Black Mountain 2640 Adirondack Mountains 2280
20.Arab Mountain 2539 Adirondack Mountains 856
21.Azure Mountain 2500 Adirondack Mountains 980
22.Woodhull Mountain 2365 Adirondack Mountains 465
23.Bald Mountain 2349 Adirondack Mountains 213
24.Kane Mountain 2180 Adirondack Mountains 460
25.Pokamoonshine Mountain 2165 Adirondack Mountains 328
26.Spruce Mountain 2009 Adirondack Mountains 99
27.Belfry Mountain 1864 Adirondack Mountains 207
28.Cathedral Rock 1700 Adirondack Mountains

In my climbing of some of the fire towers i can truly say the peaks have a lot to offer, and is a good goal to work at with your entire family

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