Adirondack Mountain Prose

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This is a bit of a non-traditional entry for me in comparison to my usual. It is composed of several pics/poems-prose from a much larger collection that I created several years ago. I figured I’d just post a few for those who might appreciate them. After living in FL for almost 19 years, separated from my beloved mountains and visiting rarely, I began to yearn for my "northern refuge"; to forever be deep in their heart where I now live. These pieces and many others served as a mode of expression that enabled me to cope while I tried to return "home".

"Spirit" & Image from Pitchoff


"Dear Lord" & Image from Iroquois

Dear Lord

Cinquaine: "Skylines" & Image from Pitchoff


"Mountain Time" & Image of Copperas Pond

Mountain Time

"May My Heart" & Image from Rte. 73

May My Heart

"Forever North" & Image from the Path

Forever North

"Doctrine of the Mountain" & Image of Mt. Colden

Doctrine of the Mountain

"Clarity" & Image of Big Slide


"Call of the Mountain Spirit" & Image S. from Pitchoff

Call of the Mountain Spirit

"Ancient Rhythms" & Image of McIntyre Mtns. from Plains of Abraham

Ancient Rhythms

Cinquaine: "A Moment" & Image of Reflection in Round Pond

A Moment: Cinquaine

"Northern Refuge" & Image of Balancing Boulders on Pitchoff

Northern Refuge