Advanced Search Tutorial 2

Advanced Mountain Search Example

This page assumes that you have already read Advanced Search Tutorial 1 and have a basic understanding of the advanced search form.

Problem: Find all mountains in Colorado that have the activity mountaineering, that were added to SP within the last 14 days, and order them by highest elevation first.


Step 1: Find the "Activities" option and select the activity "Mountaineering"

Figure 1: Locate the "Activities" option and select the "Mountaineering" activity.

Step 2: Find the "Created within" option and select "14 Days"

Figure 1: Locate the "Created Within" option and select "14 Days".

Step 3: Locate the "Order by" option and select "Elevation"

Figure 1: Locate the "Order by" option and select "Elevation".

Step 4: Lastly, Hit the "Go" button and revel in the Awesome power of the search interface

Figure 1: Go back up and hit the "Go" button. The results of the search are shown here.

For reference, here is a link to the results generated by this search