Alamkooh west

Taken 7th April 2007. Zoomed west shot to the Takht-e-Soleiman massif from Alamoot. I believe Alamoot is a special valley for the Alborz range.
The view of the most impressive part of Middle-Alborz (the Takht-e-Soleimans), the whole main West-Alborz ridge-line (Siyalan, Khashechal...) and the King(Shah-Alborz range) in a single 360deg turn, non countable 4000+m peaks.
Anyway the different shape and far but tallest form of AlamKooh peak makes the others look so low !
In the picture :
(very left cone) Takhte Soleyman Peak 4659m
(triangle horn) Alamkooh 4850m
(folded mountains in front of Alam and Takht) HaftKhan peaks 4537m
(black bump on left crest of Alam) N-Khersan 4680m
(then) M-Khersan 4620m ViranKooh 4609m
(the last tall peak) S-Khersan 4659m
(bump) Setareh 4296m
(small horn) Menareh 4378m
(very right vast cone) Gardooneh Kooh 4402m
I cant name the 3 front layers, they are the many 4000m bounadry of the Takht-e-Soleimans.


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nader - Apr 9, 2007 11:11 am - Voted 10/10


That is a very nice angle. I had never seen Alam Kooh as such an impressive horn.

I can see Takhte Soleyman Peak to the left of Alam kooh. To the right, The khersans and even Menareh & Gardooneh Kooh can be seen. Some of the Haft Khan Peaks are in front of the Khersan Peaks.

Very nice, thanks.


nomad - Apr 11, 2007 7:35 am - Hasn't voted


I went to alamoot in a very clear day, I visited as many places as I could to understand the peaks and mountains there, the thing that attracted me from the first moments was alamkooh horn and the Shah-alborz range, I took about 400pics, I have to find the good ones, I have took some 360deg panoramas with about 20 or more pictures, but unfortunatlt I don't know why when I stick them they come down like a ladder... when I have some time I will send the good ones to SP and you.


nader - Apr 11, 2007 9:59 am - Voted 10/10

Re: Pictures

Would love to see them. Seems like you had another good winter.


nomad - Apr 14, 2007 6:05 am - Hasn't voted

good winter ?

emmm, not actually. A perfect early cold snowy autumn indeed. The winter was nothing special, frequent small snow falls only. But the spring was started good lots of falls made the mountain snow layer thicker. but its getting warm and ... :(

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