Ancestral Utah Highway 24

Ancestral Utah Highway 24

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Ancient good road, Still here for you

Leaving Green River (Utah) and heading southwest we see many features. San Rafael Swell, Temple Mountain, and Capitol Reef for starters. Before I-70 took the traffic, highway 24 connected with US-6 west of the town. That road is still there and you can drive on it today. In Green River you go south toward their airport. A perfect dirt road called "county road" takes off from the airport road and connects with ancestral, old highway 24, still asphalt, not repaired in 40 years, with a few sage brushes growing in the cracks. The old highway bisects a colorful wash named "Jessies Twist" and then joins the current Highway 24 at Hatt Ranch, milemarker 157. A fence along I-70 cuts off travel very far north on this road. On the north side of I-70 the old road continues on to a dirt road that still joins US-6 before the town.

Another way to go:

Utah Highway 24 ends with milemarker 160 at the junction with I-70 and Shadscale Mesa. Highway 24, milemarker 157 has Hatt Ranch to the west and the old Highway 24 to the northeast past a cattleguard. Jessies Twist is the first thing you see.