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Anjil Oskul 2

In the last two years we have been trying to find new caves in the mountains of Tonekabon and also explore the ones that locals talk about.
This time we went to take a look at Anjil Oskul caves. Although the caves were not much interesting for caving but the route and the area really worthed spending one day.

Getting there

Anjil Oskul 3

The route to the caves starts from Daasdarreh village in Sehezar Valley. Daasdarreh is 34 kilometers far from Tonekabon located 767 meters above the sea level.
After going south for about an hour you should continue the route toward southwest for about 45 minutes untill getting to Er-e-Kom plain.From here you still have a few more minutes to go toward south.

Anjil Oskul

Anjil Oskul 4

From Daasdarreh village you will be either inside or beside the valley of Gat-e-rud untill reaching the caves area. Gat-e-rud valley ends to Mt Siyalan slopes on the south.
There are 7 holes in the area which are from 5 to 35 meters deep. Some are active and some are not. Two of the caves have Stalegtites in them. All the enterances are toward east. The elevation is 1217 meters here.


Anjil Oskul 5

The floor has been digged in two of the caves! It seems that some people have been looking for treasure in these caves. Some of the locals think that these caves are human made. We told our local guide to tell everyone in the village that these caves are naturally made and they shouldn't be destroyed like this!

Anceint Area


Er-e-Kom plain has plenty of ancient residence remains in it. There are also ancient Zoroastrian(Gabri)tombs in the area. This place which is now just used by the sheperds e few months a year was sure alot more important hundred years ago.