At the edge of Unista (720m)...

At the edge of Unista (720m) village, trailhead of the ascent, with Bat (1854m) above the clouds. When approaching the Unista it is hard to comprehend that over 3h are needed to the summit as huge open slopes make optical delusion. But from here real scope becomes obvious and now it's hard to believe that only bit over 3 hours are enough. Old man follows us to the edge of the village to make sure we don't miss the trailhead. Of course, it is almost impossible to miss it, but because no one comes here they are delighted to see someone and chat a bit. Of 300 pre war population only 20 old people remain in Unista. Old car, popularly called Fico (read Ficho), is collateral casualty of war.

Photo: Aleksandar Gospic


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