Bactrian camels in the Mayacama Mountains

Bactrian camels in the Mayacama Mountains

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A visit to a camel sanctuary in Lake County California

I went up to Siegler Springs in the Mayacama Mountains of Lake County a few hours north of the SF Bay Area for a couple days to visit some friends and went out to Sacred Camel Gardens. Bactrian camels are the 2 hump ones from the Gobi Desert area. Dromedary camels are the taller single hump ones from the Sahara. My friend Stuart is the caretaker of 18 camels in a small meadow like valley at an elevation of 2,300'. The weather was beautiful and it was very peaceful to be around the camels. I did keep my distance however except for petting a few of the friendlier ones. These guys are 2,000 pounds! A horse weighs around 1,200.


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