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Location Lat/Lon: 42.54688°N / 114.95675°W
Additional Information Object Type: Precarious Rock
Additional Information County: Twin Falls

Balanced Rock Info

Balanced RockRock with My Jeep
Balance PointThe Balance Point

It is hard to find any details about the rock beyond the sign posted by the road. It is 48 feet (14 m) high and 40 feet (12m) wide and weighs approximately 40 tons (36,000 kg). The base is only 3' x 17.5 in wide (91 cm x 45 cm) and some sources have claimed that that mass on that pedestal is a world record. I can’t confirm that but it is certainly an interesting site.

The rock is a basaltic monolith which was sculpted both by water and wind forces but more predominantly by wind most likely. The main thing I would point out to any traveler is that it’s an interesting rock but unless you’re driving very near this location don’t make a trip here. It won’t be a total disappointment but it’s probably not worth a long distance trip.


Follow the signs from the city of Buhl, ID to Castleford, ID then drive 6 mi. NW through farmland to Balanced Rock. It is in the area east of Twin Falls.