Barah Broq Trek ,(Moses peak)

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Barah Broq  Trek ,(Moses peak)
Created On: Oct 27, 2012
Last Edited On: Nov 24, 2013


     New Trek in Barah Valley Pakistan Overview General 

The Barah Broq Trek is designed for those who wish to trek with family A peak recently explored for the first time by Mr. Musa Khan, a local photographer and trekking enthusiast. The moses peak is situated in the Barah Valley of Karakoram. It is in open zone, one did not need a trekking permit or have to pay Peak Royalty fee to climb this mountain tower. The unique feature for this peak is that one can experience the magnificent view of The K-2, the second highest peak in the world, alongwith almost all the other 7000m+ peaks in the area including Nangaparbat, Spantik, Latok, Broadpeak, Mashabrom, Ghashabrom1/2/3/4/, Chogholingsa, Baltoro kangri, Sia kangri, K-7, K-6 K12 and many other snow covered peaks. , An easy, lovely route of 4-5 days the base camp of the Moses peak and back to Barah village. The route is located in in open Area. 

panoramic view  k2 brod peak G4 K7 k-6 chogolisa from muses peak Barah Broq pakistan
panoramic view high is peak karakoram range
View k2 From Barah Borq
View k2 From Barah Borq

mountain wall
Mountain Rock wall Barah Borq
:Madigo unclimbed peak(6100m)(18636ft)

Getting There

For most, the journey in pakistan would start in Islamabad.
From Islamabad, there are 2 options to reach Barah Valley . Islamabad International airport link the world with dozens of international flights each day. Pakistan Air line Airways provide daily (once/day) service between Islamabad and Skardu, flight to Skardu with Boeing (there is only one flight in a day goes; during the flight one can see the Highest Mountain in the world- Nanga Parbat and Karakorum Ranges. Be prepared for delays due to bad weather, During high season in summer, reservation is rather necessary well in advance. You'll enjoy this fantastic flight above the Karakoram and over most untouched areas

By Road From Islamabad road journey to Skardu is by the famous Karakorum Highway with 21 to 23 Hours. and also known as the old silk route from china . You can also choose.

A jeep able road links Skardu with Barah Valley 2 Hours drive from Skardu by jeep will bring you to the Barah Village.
The trek comprises of 4 days and nights. During the trip, the trekker does not only enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery but also taste the joy of local (Balti) culture spread all over the trek. During this relatively short trek one witness the fabulous view of the world's highest peaks, including K2, Nangaparbat, Spantik, Latok, Broadpeak, Mashabrom, Ghashabrom1/2/3/4/, Chogholingsa, Baltoro kangri, Sia kangri, K-7, K-6 k12 and many other snow covered peaks. (pic from top of peak showing these peaks)
Day 1 -In our first trip to this trek there were 4 members including 2 tourists from Spain, a guide, a cook, Sardar (head proter) and eight porters.
The Actual trek starts from Barah,

the scenic village in the District of Ghanche, Khaplu. (Height approx 2600 Meters above sea level) Right from the start of the trek you witness the beauty of this small but very neat village. Alongside the trek there is a fresh water stream Waterfall which accompanies you all the way to the 1st camp which takes 2 stages of trek.

First Base camp..
first Camp
First Camp
first Camp

Each stage takes about 2 and hours of walking with small rest stops in between. The 1st camp was setup on a relatively plain surface near this stream. (Height approx 3100 Meters above sea level). There were different tents for Kitchen and Mess and two tents for members with 2 members sharing. It was a pleasant surprise to see the dinner which clearly indicates how good the preparation was done by Mr. Musa Khan for the trek. It was indeed a multi-course dinner, started with nice hot soup, and had vegetable rice and mutton curry deliciously cooked by fresh mutton followed by the Green tea, coffee and regular tea. After some chat we decided to hit the sleeping bags since it was the first day of the trek and we all were little tired and keeping in view the next days walking it was a good idea to take some rest to start fresh.

 fresh stream
fresh stream

Day 2 We all wake up early in the morning and again to our pleasant surprise we were served with a luxurious breakfast including egg fried/omelet, Bread with butter, jam and honey alongwith coffee, tea and green tea. After packing up we started our journey again. (pic with porters) Now trek was getting little far from the stream as we headed towards relatively higher grounds. It was again a very scenic trek and was getting little chilly as well. Again after 2 stages we camped for a night stay and this time it was lovely plain about 3800 meters above the sea level and there was a stream nearby which we came to know comes from the lake (the base camp of moses peak) . Near to this camp is a place used as summer houses for the local people who bring there kettles for grazing on these lovely meadows in summer . Again we had a lovely dinner and headed to our sleeping bags.
Base camp in  autumn

3 day
Local Butter place

Day 3 – It was a lovely sunny morning and we started our journey towards the lake. By noon it was getting cloudy and light snowfall started (PIC). It was pleasingly cold and we had our down jackets and rain cheaters on. Again the trek was very beautiful as we approached near to 4000 Meters above sea level. During the trek we crossed big rocks, plain surface and small streams. The snow was getting heavier as we were told by our guide that this was the first snowfall of the season. As we were getting nearer to the lake the surroundings were getting snow covered and it was really amazing sight. It took as about 5 hours to reach the twin lakes.. For me it was the first time to experience the camping on snow. The porters were well versed with the situation and soon they clear a small portion of the land beside the lake to set up camp. (Approx 4900 meters above sea level) It was really getting cold and the temperature was below the freezing point. Soon we retired to our sleeping tents and again were really surprised by the arrangements that the dinner was served in our sleeping tents. It was lovely having hot soup and freshly cooked food being in the luxury of our sleeping bags followed by coffee etc. We were really tired and soon were sleeping. 
camp at lake
camp at lake
trekking 3day

Day 4 - Woke up early and it was nice and bright sunny morning.  
camp at lake
right lake
lake camp
Group member
. After having breakfast we started the last phase of our trek, the summit to the “Moses Peak”. The trek to the peak is not very difficult and it takes about 2 hours to climb to the peak which is about 5,700 Meters above the sea level. The view from the top was so spectacular that it is really hard to narrate. From the top one can see almost all the high peaks of the region. After taking pictures and some rest we returned to our base camp and then started our journey back to Barah Valley

Day 5 – This day was to be the last day of the trek, and after the peaceful sleep headed back to Barah Valley in the morning. The return was relatively easy and fast since we were descending from the height. Nonetheless, the beautiful scenery continued till the end as did the natural course alongside the stream. Around 5 pm we were back to the Barah Valley and then took Jeep to Dewan-e-Khas in Skardu.

Overall it was an amazing experience and a memorable trip which was very professionally managed by Mr. Musa Khan. It is recommended for every trekking lover to do this trek since it provides the An unforgettable view of the sky high mountains of this region and perhaps the ONLY view point from where one can see the three ranges, The Karakoram, The Himalaya and The Hindukash. ! 
karakoram mountain range pakistan
This photo is actually taken from Barah Broq moses peak, you can see in this side spantik latok-1 Latok-2 Mandu Gangri lila Karakorum peaks peaks side

Barah Broq Moses Peak

Moses Peak is located at the end of the Barah valleyin the Karakorum region of Pakistan Baltistan . A very popular trekking destination, Barah village which provides you a unique experience to spent time with the local inhabitants and enjoy the natural beauty of the valley and this trip to witness the culture and living style of the local inhabitants. 
Barah Valley
Barah Valley
Barah Home stay
Barah Home stay

Red Tape

The Barah Broq Moses Peak is in Open Zone, No Peak Royalty Fee is require to pay, No Trekking Permit is require to obtain from tourism office as the mountain is in open zone.

When To Climb Trek

The Best time to Trek this Ranges is Between from may 2nd Week to Mid october.
Brah Broq
Barah Broq summerseason
Barah Borq
Barah Broq fall season
Barah Broq lake
Barah Broq Lake summer season
lake in fall
Barah Broq Lake fall season
same like eye drop lake (14900 ft) Northern Pakistan Baltistan Barah Valley
like eye drop lake (14900 ft)Barah Borq summer season
Snowy track to the left lake
Fall season


Yes. Many camping areas. There Reasonable fee from the land owners. 
on the way..

One starts from kawthooma, and walks towards kawthooma is 2 kms from Barah Valley, and it takes about 90 minutes to 2 hour to reach kathooma. If somebody feels that acclimatization is a problem, then one can camp at kawthooma.

External Links

Skardu Shangri la” it is set on a beautiful lake

Panoramic view of Karakorum Ranges Highest Mountains peaks

Easy and short trekking is very Best way to travel Barah Borq

Hotel Good location with Easy access to all the sites Skardu

Accomodation, Misc Info

Good location with Easy access to all the sites via lovely walks down the Mane Bazaar Polo Ground Gems Market Sadpara lake & Buddhist panting The Hotel Dewan-e-Khas was opened in 2004 the heart of Skardu City, Restaurant food very good, lots of choice and variety on the menu at all meals, and good option for vegetarian people. owned and managed by Musa Khan, who has spent 15 years in the Western Country, the Dewan-e-Khas Boasts a skilled & hospitable staff. Musa Khan owns the exclusive rights for this above mentioned Trek and can be contacted to arrange the said Trekking tour. The Dewan-e-Khas is also the only place that is open all season in Skardu".
skardu Hotel Dewanekhas
Enjoyable,skardu Hotel

Dewanekhas lonely planet recommended Hotel

Hotel Good location with Easy access to all the sites Skardu

Mountain Weather Conditions

Contact the Weather Service for the Karakorum and Baltistan area for weather information. .

Weather Moses Peak And Baltistan Regent

Baltistan Information

Baltistan Division comprises of two districts, included Skardu,Ghanche. Skardu is the capital of Baltistan division and is situated at 2480 meters (7500 feet). Due to the altitude, acclimatization is required before moving on to strenuous hikes; . pleasant, interesting and bustling base for the trekking and expedition.

Essential Gear

Here is a brief complete list for you. Minus the Climbing gear
3-pairs socks
2-pairs of shorts for the walk in
3-T-shirts for the walk in
2-bandanas or a sun hat to keep off the sun
Good sturdy hiking shoes
1-sleeping bag (as warm as you can get)
3-1-litre waterbottles each (drink at least 5 litres a day to help acclimitise)
Camera and film (tripod and filters)

Trekking Areas Barah broq Map

>Wikimapia Barah Broq      trekking Map Please click on map to larger view.
View Barah valley Moses Peak Base Camp K2 view point in a larger map

Barah Broq Trek ,(Moses peak)

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