Base of Mount Elliott, Utah

Base of Mount Elliott, Utah

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Mount Elliott 7142 feet high, the desert below:

US Highway 6 connects California to Cape Cod on the east coast. In Utah, the highway connects Moab with the busy population centers of the Wasatch Front. Between Price and Green River (Utah) are attractions too numerous to count, all of which require US 6 travel. Flat Top, Price River Walkway, San Rafael Swell, and a dinosaur quarry to name a few. All of these visitors are seeing (but probably not noticing) some of these important items. One is a trail heading west from the highway at milemarker 284 accessing the railroad tracks farther west. Heading west at 283 is the Old Spanish Trail, written about under that name.

Getting there:

US 6, milemarker 284 has a little-seen trail with a wide-swinging gate. The trail proceeds directly east toward Mount Elliott's foothills. Large cougar tracks were seen in the sand, but maybe it was only someone's dog.