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Well known by the locals

Bears Ears is due west of Blanding, Utah in what is known as the four corners area of USA. The clearly symetrical pair, seen for 60-plus miles from the south, is unique how much these fine peaks look like their name. They were called that in the 1700's on old Spanish maps. At 9058 feet in elevation, an vague outline is visible from Highway 191 north of Blanding, and local highway 276 north of Bullfrog.
The mountains northeast of the ears are so untouched and remote, the aspen and pine trees are just huge.

Getting there:

Utah highway 95 connects Blanding to Hanksville and was assembled in 1976 for the Bicentennial celebration. Utah highway 275 is only for Natural Bridges national monument. A couple miles from the junction of 95 and 275 is a good dirt road that bisects the Ears at 8507 feet. Lots of trails and opportunity here, and from this elevation the "desert" appears to be a rain forest with pinion and juniper in really good shape.