Page Type Page Type: Area/Range
Location Lat/Lon: 43.11162°N / 43.14736°E
Activities Activities: Mountaineering, Trad Climbing, Sport Climbing, Toprope, Ice Climbing, Aid Climbing, Big Wall, Scrambling, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 6562 ft / 2000 m
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The famous and very popular in Russia Bezengi mountain base, located in Central Caucasus in the upper part of the Bezengi valley, 18 km upstream of the Balkar village Bezengi in the most interesting mountaineering and historical district of Kabardino-Balkaria, was founded in 1959. Today - this is the only profile mountain base in the Caucasus with a high quality infrastructure and an extensive set of the services offered. Visiting Bezengi base would be interesting both to beginners and to the experienced mountain climbers as well - the potential of the region in which the Bezengi mountaineering base is located is very high - here, in this small geographic area of the Main Caucasian Ridge, are concentrated numerous interesting alpine routes to the summits of the most legendary and challenging peaks of Caucasus. Climbers from all over the world know and dream about such mountains as Dykh Tau, Shkhara, Mijirghi, Koshtan, Gestola ...

Bezengi Base Camp Bezengi Base Camp

All these names are tightly linked with the camp, which is located at the foot of these mountains – Bezengi camp. Six of the eight Caucasian five-thousanders are located in the area of the Bezengi mountaineering base - Dykh Tau (5203 m), Mijirghi (5025 m), Jangi Tau (5058 m), Shkhara (5068 m), Peak Pushkin (5100 m), Koshtan Tau (5152 m). But in order to acquire enough strength, power and experience to climb these legendary peaks, one needs to work hard. Easier peaks, such as Peak Gidan and Peak Brno, Peak Semenovskogo, attract to the Bezengi area many tourists and climbers - for them the area offers immense scope for creative ideas on how to improve their climbing skills. In the Bezengi camp area, in a radius of 1-3 day walk, there are numerous simple and medium difficulty peaks and mountain passes, which can be climbed as useful training and acclimatization objects.

Symbol of Bezengi valley - Mount Gestola Symbol of Bezengi valley - Mount Gestola

Besides the obvious opportunities for all sorts of rock and alpine climbing, in the Bezengi area there is a unique biosphere reserve, the only place in the Caucasus, where you can feed the wild mountain goats right from the hands, enjoy the amazing views of the highest peaks of the Caucasus and capture on your camera the stunning moments of sunrises and sunsets on the background of the famous Bezengi Wall... By the way, the Peak Semenovskog - the easy to climb mountain which is included in our program list, it is an ideal view point from which, as at the palm of your hand, you can enjoy the view of the entire massif of the grand Bezengi mountain massif.

Bezengi wildlife Bezengi wildlife

If to consider all the possibilities of the Bezengi mountain base - we can say it with confidence - on the safety of the area, quality of service, abundance of interesting climbing routes – today it is the best and most civilized climbing location in the North Caucasus, which offers range of services at the level of the popular European mountain resort . In addition, Bezengi mountain base - that is a history and traditions of the Russian mountaineering school in combination with the best of the real Caucasian hospitality. MCS AlexClimb Mountain climbing School strongly recommends to visit and get the best of Caucasus in the Bezengi climbing base.

The Crown of Bezengi - Peak Dykh Tau The Crown of Bezengi - Peak Dykh Tau

Together with the administration of Bezengi camp, MCS AlexClimb is proud to offer to you the several alpine climbing programs for the most demanding tastes of discerning customers - in these programs we combine such factors as price, unique set of mountains in close proximity to the Bezengi Base Camp, and opportunities for comfortable stay and recovering in the camp - not so long ago, Bezengi climbing base finished and set into use a new residential complex that combines all the qualities necessary for comfortable and a good rest in the mountains.

We will be glad to see you in our moutain paradize - Bezengi!

Getting There

Bezengi Base Camp is the only one convenient camping point in the all Bezengi valley and definitely is the only option for the climbing the mountains of upper part of the valley which are the most attractable for the climbers. The location of the camp is 80 km from the town of Nalchik where is an airport with one direct flight per day from Moscow. Another option is town Mineralnye vody, which is more convenient due to the more flight options from Moscow and even outside of Russia. There is a good road from Nalchik almost to Bezengi village, which is located 18 km lower than the Camp down by the valley. To the village, normal car can drive with no problems, but from the village to the Camp, the road becomes much worse and 4x4 becomes necessary. Generally driving time from Nalchik to the Camp is 2,5 - 3 hours, most transportation variants can be organized via BC administration.

Red Tape

There are many complications connected with a proximity of the Georgian border, which make the Russian authorities very sever to any kind of tourism and climbing in the area. Russian border guards protect the Georgian border so effectively, that they almost killed all the climbing activity in the region. The border passes are issued if you apply for them at least 60 days before your arrive, and take much paperwork. Very early planning is essential to any kind of tourist route in Bezengi area.

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There are both free and paid possibilities of camping in the Bezengi area. Inside the BC territory you can get specially equipped camping spot, or find more convenient accommodation in the shared or private rooms. Also Bezengi BC provides variety of services as gear rent, bars, shops, laundy etc.  Camping is free of charge outside of BC territory.