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Bimarab Cave

This cave is not so larg but it is one of most beautiful in Khorasan province .

"Bimarab" is a Farsi (persian) word that means "water for diseases" . Locals and shepherds believe that the water of this cave is good for sheeps' disease ! They couldn't go inside the cave because there is a 15 m. shaft at the enterance of Bimarab cave , so they bring out water with a rope and bucket from the shaft . We send 1 lit. of its water to a lab , but they didn't find anything which prove the locals belief !

At the small enterance of cave you should descend inside a 15 m. shaft to reach the first hall . There is a pool (4*6 m. width and 10 m. depth) in the first hall and there is no place for walking on the floor . So for passing this hall , you should swim or grab the holds and traverse on the wall .

The second hall is greater (5*10 m. width and 20 m. height) and full of bats . At the end of this hall you should climb a 6 m. wall of stlactits to reach the third hall .

The third hall is as larg as the second on and there is some holes there that I've put their pics here .

For going out of the cave , you should descend from third hall to the second one by rope and ascend the shaft with rope and ascender gears .

The pics have taken by me (Vahid Ashrafi) in May 2005 .

Getting There

This cave's located in Mariyan village , at 30 km. north of Mashhad city , NE of Iran .
For getting there you can rent a taxi or minibus from Mashhad .
First , drive from Mashhad toward Chenaran city about 15 km.
Then turn right toward Fedowsi -the great iranian poet- tomb .
After that, drive in a gravel road for about 30 km. to reach the Mariyan village . From there you should continue driving about 6 km. to a stone mine at north . The cave is locted at east of mine and you will reach the cave by a 10 min. treking from the mine .

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