Boundary Peak

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Nevada, United States, North America
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Aug 29, 2013
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Created On: Sep 2, 2013
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Hiked Boundary peak 8/29/13, approached from Queen Mine Canyon road.  The road is in rough shape and in a compact 2wd car I could get only to the 8100' level (nice big flat camping spot near abandoned mine buildings.)

About 1/4 mile further up the road new washed out gullies were too deep to maneuver around.  A 4WD with decent clearance would have made it easily to the camping/parking area at 9000'. 

I started at 5 AM from 8100' up the canyon road, was at the register at the beginning of the trail at Kennedy saddle at 6AM.  The trail from the register box to Trail Canyon Saddle is obvious, and a very pretty route, saw a herd of wild horses on the canyon slopes.  From Trail Canyon saddle the path up is obvious, following either the ridge or paths slightly to the west of the ridge. There are several paths, take your pick, as long as they are going up.  There's a minimum of rock scrambling at various places along the route.

Made the summit at 10:20AM.  Great views.  The summit register box has a Nevada flag for photo-ops.  No climbing gear needed; hiking poles were nice for balance. I took and drank 4 liters of water.  Temps were moderate, in the 70's on the descent but the dry wind kept me thirsty.  No ATT cell service from the top.  Post climb, I camped at Benton Hot Springs.  Each campsite ($30.00) has its own hot tub, rustic but very relaxing.

Some waypoints (UTM, WGS84 datum)

My campsite. 11S 0382582  4195108 elevation 8093'

Kennedy saddle (highest you could drive in a really good 4wd) register box is 100 yards uphill to the south) 11S 0384387  4193537 

On the trail towards Trail Canyon saddle.  11S  0384087 4192855 elevation 10470'

Trail Canyon Saddle.  11S 0381598  4191482  elevation 10,800'

Boundary Peak summit.  11S 0381110  4189599 elevation 13, 140'






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Boundary Peak

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