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This page used to be a photo but I switched it over to avoid the what's new page. It just has random stuff.


Various useful webcams in the area include:


  • Lookout Cam, Sun Valley Ski Resort, located at just under 10,000 feet. Facing toward the Pioneers, with the Boulders on the left.
  • Borah Peak, which is at Just a simple small image from their cabin, but gives a good general idea of conditions.
  • Mount Jefferson of the Centennial Mountains, from Island Park.






Graphical Forecast - Northern Rockies
Current Modeled Snow Depth - Idaho, Western Wyoming, SW Montana
Recent US Lightning Strikes

Snow Depth

Map Resources


Digital Raster Graphics
Idaho - Idaho Dept of Lands
Wyoming - Wyoming Geographic Information Advisory Council
Quadrangle Browsing - Quad Finder - State Quad Indexes

Digital Elevation Models



Idaho NAIP 2004 1m color aerial
Utah NAIP 1m color aerial
Wyoming... in process summer 2006
Other states are available in recent NAIP imagery, but many are for a fee. maps uses NAIP imagery for its high resolution aerial imagery.

Auxiliary Information

Idaho Department of Lands Viewer - allows layering of land management information with topographic maps. While one cannot find private land ownership infomation directly, I've found that water rights use can be helpful in tracking down landowners.

Montana Cadatral Mapping Program - perhaps the best state website in tracking down landowners.

GPS Visualizer - Topo overlays for Google Earth


Interests that may turn into projects include Wind River, Absaroka, Salmon River, and Idaho 10k+.

Wind River Reservation Boundaries for Google Earth.

Wind River Relief Map

Absaroka Panorama

PR Overview

Puerto Rico is a rugged island on the north side of the Caribbean. It is furthest east of the Greater Antilles, an island group that includes Cuba, Jamaica, and Hispaniola. It is just west of the Virgin Islands.

The island is roughly 100 miles long and 35 miles wide, about the size of the Wind River Range in Wyoming. Although the island is small, it has a population of 4 million and a population density higher than all U.S. states but New Jersey and Rhode Island. Despite that, it still has a dramatic landscape on the interior of the island.

Puerto Rico is a good introduction to travel in Latin America because of less culture shock, fewer unpleasant travel experiences, and a lack of red tape. for citizens of the U.S. Since Puerto Rico is a United States territory there is no need for a passport or to pass through customs for American citizens to travel there.

Read more about Puerto Rico on Wikipedia.

Puerto Rico's Highest

Name Elevation (ft) County Quadrangle Topozone
Cerro de Punta 4356 Ponce Jayuya Map
Monte Jayuya 4251 Jayuya Jayuya Map
Cerro Rosa 4144 Ciales Jayuya Map
Piedra Blanca 4042 Jayuya Jayuya Map
Cerro Maravillas 3960 Jayuya Jayuya Map
Monte Guilarte 3934 Adjuntas Monte Guilarte Map
Los Tres Picachos 3894 Jayuya Jayuya Map
Cerro Saliente 3845 Jayuya Jayuya Map
Monte Membrillo 3579 Yauco Monte Guilarte Map
Cerro El Bolo 3527 Villalba Orocovis Map
El Toro 3474 Las Piedras El Yunque Map
Cerro Doña Juana 3471 Orocovis Orocovis Map
El Yunque 3461 Rio Grande El Yunque Map
Pico del Este 3409 Ceiba El Yunque Map
Cerro Vaquiña 3369 Adjuntas Monte Guilarte Map
Cerro Garrote 3356 Penuelas Adjuntas Map
Pico del Oeste 3340 Ceiba El Yunque Map
El Cacique 3327 Rio Grande El Yunque Map
Cerrote de Peñuelas 3307 Penuelas Penuelas Map
Cerro El Gigante 3176 Adjuntas Adjuntas Map
Cerro Morales 3127 Utuado Adjuntas Map

El Yunque


Cordillera Central


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Carst Country


Getting Around

Weather and Climate