Broad peak (8047m)

ľ History of Broad peak (8047m) in Nutshell

The world 11th highest mountain called Falchen Kangri situated in baltoro glacier among towered K-2 (8611m) G-4 (7926m) clear viewed from Concordia which is junction point of Baltoro, this major Mountain has invited many climbers^ Mountaineers to this massive range Many climbers have successes and many have loss their life, But the first ascent was 1957,Marcuse schmuck, Fritz winters teller, Kut diemberger, and Hermann Buhl climbed with out oxygen, Two prominent British mountaineers, Harold William Tillman and Eric Earle Shipton, explored and surveyed Baltoro glacietr,also the north face of K2 ,Borad peak and its auxiliary glaciers in 1937. Actually they were on a survey mission to Shaksgam, Skamri valley when they also visited the Trango and Sarpo Laggo glaciers. They also explored and surveyed the famous. Baraldu glacier, lukpe la


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