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Getting there

Although it is possible to climb Camoghé starting in Italy, I doubt many people will do this, due to the remote location of the trailhead. The best places to start your climb from in Switzerland are Isone, Giubiasco or Valcolla.

For all three above, you will be using the A2/E35 highway to get there. To start from Giubiasco, take exit 47 Bellinzona Sud. To start from Isone, take exit 48 Rivera. To start from Valcolla, coming from Italy take exit 50 Lugano Sud, coming from Switzerland take exit 48 Rivera.

When to climb

If you are looking to hike up Camoghé, it's best to stick to the summer months. Camoghé can also be climbed in spring or fall, but gets a lot harder when there is snow on it's slopes.

In winter, you can climb it with skis or snowshoes, but I would advise you to bring an ice axe and possibly a rope for the steeper parts and the summit ridge.

Some routes are easier or more suited for climbs when there is snow, please check the routes section to find out.

CamoghéCamoghé in Spring
CamoghéCamoghé during a mild Winter

Red tape

Coming from Valcolla or Isone, you will pass through the "playground" of the grenadier school of the Swiss Army. For obvious reasons, you should make sure they aren't practicing while you are there. In general, there will never be any activity in the weekends. If you are planning to climb during the week, you might want to give them a call: +41 (0)91 935 85 1.


Having climbed the mountain from all sides, I've noticed that there is a big difference in the difficulty and length of these routes. Some are quite doable, even in winter, others not so much.

From the South (Valcolla).

Probably one of the easier routes is to climb from Valcolla. You can follow the route up to Monte Garzirolla and