Cleopatras Chair, Utah

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Landmark seen if seeked:

At 6520 feet, this landmark is easily seen from the often-visited Island in the Sky District of Canyonlands National Park. Located 10 miles due west of the grand view point overlook, it is just like a huge throne. At the eastbound Crescent Junction rest stop on I-70, I saw the chair at about 50 miles away. There is another chair: Jacobs chair, even more substantial red sandstone and very close to Utah highway 95, also written about on another page.

Getting there:

To actually arrive at this destination would require much planning, supplies and equipment. Most landmarks in the Canyonlands Maze District require more than one day round trip. A camping permit is required. Park Service phone is 435-259-4351. The visitor usually starts out on Hans Flat unpaved road taking off eastbound from highway 24 across the street from the Goblin Valley westbound paved road. This chair, the Doll House, and the Chocolate Drops require about 100 miles 4x4 journey (one way) on dirt and slickrock shelves. Five of these miles are said to be so rough that they could be walked faster. Many outdoors enthusiasts are happy the trail remains unimproved, limiting exposure.