Compilation of Health Related Articles on SummitPost

Compilation of Health Related Articles on SummitPost

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The medical and safety needs of athletes who engage in climbing, mountaineering and hiking are numerous. We place high demands on the body and need to be aware of how to protect and care for it.

This page is meant to serve as a gathering place of information that all can use to increase enjoyment of mountaineering and climbing.



3 of 3: Now they have by herbie

We can learn a lot from the misfortunes of others. Read the stories and apply them to your activities.

Mount Hood search and rescue is explained by ReachandTreat in Rescues On Mount Hood: What Happens When You Call For Help and provides more information in Reach And Treat: Who We Are And What We Do.

Struck By Lightening by Nelson is a must read if trips are planned above the treeline.

Check out
PellucidWombat’s Surviving a 1,000 Foot Fall on Mount Nebo for a great report on the fall and pick up some tips on what he’d do different next time.

A sobering reminder about the dangers of soloing from darraghdolan in Tragedy while Soloing the Matterhorn

The pictures are gory but the article Accident Report: Rockfall on Tuolumne Peak by Jeff Moore is an amazing story.

Again the safety concerns of soloing are addressed in
brianhughes’ report on a Winter Rescue on Mount Shasta.

Learn more about the dangers of Thunder and Lightening in lcarreau' article Thunder & Lightening in Memory of a Friend.

Human Body Information:

Planning on climbing at high altitude? Before climbing take time and read txmountaineer’s article High Altitude: What Happens To The Human Body In The Death Zone

Find out more about altitude and it's effect on pregnancy in stevepack’s article, Pregnancy At Altitude.

The following three articles are by FlatheadNative. Prevention of skin cancer which should be on everyone’s list as a safety issue. In this article signs and symptoms as well as recommendations for prevention are addressed in A Climber’s Guide To Prevention Of Sun Damage.

The importance of hydration is well known but what are the signs that a person is under hydrated? Find out in Water: How Much Is Enough?

The effects of Water Intoxication, also known as hyperhydration or hyponatremia, on the body is discussed in Water: How Much Is Too Much?

In The Science Of Warmth by Duseks learn more about how to keep warm in the mountains.

How To:

Travis has presented an excellent article on Home Made Power Gels For Less.

A great source of guidance on fueling the body before, during and after climbs by Duseks in Body Fuel: How to Eat For Performance.

Preparation for mountaineering or climbing can be done right where you live. Read Training For Expedition In Your Local Alpine Zone for suggestions and guidelines.

Observations and Opinions:


Are you a thrill seeker or a risk taker? BCmountaingirl’s article Living On The Edge: Extreme Sports And Their Role In Society can help explain why you are this way to your family and friends.

Inventories and Trip Planning:

A list complied by iceclimb that is complete enough for full blown expeditions to Alaska, South America, Asia, etc. But can also apply to a weekend outing: Not everything applies to every trip; but this list, with your help, can serve as a sort of master checklist of what you definitely need; or even what you come to realize, you can do without! Locate it at Expedition Inventory.

Hiking Checklist by Brettels cover all that is needed for hiking in the great outdoors.

Gear suggestion for
Climbing gear for Everest is written by Alan Arnette.

Big List of Tips to Plan an Outdoor Vacation by volcanoetna includes planning tips and advice.

Alternate Medicine:

An Adventurer’s Friend by alpinistahombre takes a look at the yarrow plant and its many medicinal qualities.


Mountain Impulse lists a number of great reads in A Short List Of Literature On Surviving In Hostile Environments and some of his favorites reads in Best Mountaineering Literature.

The following articles from stevepack offer a scholarly reference to Wilderness Medicine and in Journal Articles Steve lists numerous references to medical research and best practices.


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