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What is this about?

Add your best couloir images to this album. The images may be a close-up of the climbing, a look up the couloir, or a distant shot of the whole route. Please upload 1-3 of your best shots and limit it to a typical couloir shot (steep snow or ice in a vertical notch on a mountain).

About Couloirs

Couloirs often provide the most obvious access to the tops of many mountains. Typically the overall angle of a couloir is less than the cliff bands which surround it. The result is a less technical route to the top of the mountain. Couloir climbing is usually dependent on the season, time of day, and snow condition. The conditions of couloirs are often different from the bottom to the top and the most common hazards while ascending a couloir are rock falls, avalanche, and chockstones. Climbers usually utilize cramp-ons and ice-ax to ascend couloirs, and experienced skiers often seek out couloirs to ski down them.

The term couloir is French for "corridor"


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