Page Type Page Type: Custom Object
Location Lat/Lon: 44.11193°N / 73.98912°W
Additional Information Object Type: Disco moon

ADK Disco Ball Moon

I wanna go down to the lake
And hang a disco ball from that moon
Dance to the song of the loon
Under the stars from that disco ball moon
I wanna sleep on the flowed lands
Next to your balsam wood perfume
Holding your hand under that disco ball moon
Dancing with the coyotes howling at your balsam wood perfume
I wanna see those trillium eyes on the trail
Staring up at the slides on the mountain side
Watching the reflection of a disco ball moon
In a backcountry lake
Taking my breath away
When I see my fate
Illuminated in the stars reflecting through your trillium eyes
Under the lights of a disco ball moon