Do you see the mountain goat?

If not, you might need to click on the image to view it in full size.

While up near Siyeh Glacier, I met one of the local denizens, a mountain goat significantly less used to people than the ones frequenting the campground were. The goat was on the ridge as well, between me and a sheer mountain wall.

Curious to see how close I could get, I approached slowly, but the goat kept retreating to keep the same distance between us. Never did I expect that to get away from me, it would get onto the cliffs I thought it would descend one side of the ridge if necessary), but that's exactly what it did. With amazement and concern, I watched it do what would be impossible for a human, delicately but surely steeping along the mountainside just inches from oblivion. Finally, getting worried that my presence was going to panic the goat into a mistake or make it go where even it couldn't, I backed off, not wanting my curiosity to be the cause of its death.

Glacier National Park, MT-- August 2012


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