Doc Long Picnic Area

Doc Long Picnic Area

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Picnic-ers Delight/Wilderness Lover's Woe

Doc Long is a large picnicing area in the Sandia Mountains. They have facilities and areas for large groups as well as small. We went up there simply to set up our tent to see if there were any seams that were loose etc. However when we got there we were highly discouraged by the lack of care that the Easter picnic-ers took in cleaning up their trash. While we are used to picking up trash on almost every outing, this was out of hand. We filled 2 trash bags and didn't even make a dent in the amount of CRAP people left behind. I was saddened and irritated at not only the litter, but waste of food being left about to attract wildlife and insects. I picked up at least 10 soda cans half full, partial sandwiches, pieces of fried chicken and potatoes. COME ON!!!

Getting There

Take I-40 east to NM 14 north. Turn left at the Sandia Scenic Byway and follow that highway into the Cibola National Forest. Doc Long is the second picnic area, with the entrance on the left.

Some Good News

Jim hasn't set up the tent in a long time...and it is 30 years old. It is still in great shape. Kudos to NorthFace!

Red Tape

There is a $3 charge per car on weekdays, $5 on weekends. Reservations are required to use the larger group picnic facilities, and there a pricey fee for those as well. No camping is allowed in the area.


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