Doggies on the road

Doggies on the road

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I love dogs. I don't think about them only as a pets. I consider them real friends, who give us unconditional love and friendship an also that wonderful feeling that we are everything to them. That means the world to me.

I am lucky enough to share my home with two dogs: Teo and Nena. Every single day they'll do something that'll brighten up the darkest day! I have to mention Otto, the sweetest dog you could ever imagine. Otto lighted up our lives for 10 years and his memory still brings a smile in our faces.

Last year I found a little dog wondering around Quito's teleferico. He'd been abandoned (I refered to this in my trip report about Quilotoa's Trekking). I named him Lucas. Sadly, he passed away few days after I found him. I'm sure he's in dog's heaven.

In his honor I named "Lucas" a little stuffed animal in the shape of a dog I carry around everywhere, attached to my backpack.

As I walk along different trails I can't stop noticing all those dogs, big or small, but all cute. I've come to know the name of only some of them. That's why I dedicate this album to all those "Lucas" I've encountered along the road.

By the way, "backpack Lucas" has also been walking around different places, so I thought he deserved to be included in this album, as well.


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