Dorset Tower Rd Trail Topo

The route from Tower Road to Dorset Peak via Dorset South Peak
Hunting Cabin N43.29511 W73.05990 1830 ft
Begin Snowmobile Path N43.30040 W73.05387 2322 ft
T Intersection Keep Right N43.30724 W73.04829 2890 ft
CAIRN1 N43.30747 W73.04318 3143 ft
CAIRN2 N43.30690 W73.03678 3566 ft
Tower Road Trailhead N43.28478 W73.04751
DORSETSOUTH Summit N43.30533 W73.03601 3740 ft
Signpost on Top N43.30782 W73.03201 3674 ft
Dorset Peak N43.30914 W73.02784 3770 ft
First Fork N43.29420 W73.05952


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