Dropdown Help: Voting

Voting Basics

Your votes influence the Score of the page. You can vote once on each page. You can change your vote at any time.

Points to Consider

Evaluate the value of a contribution towards SP. Does a page have good information and improve the site? Votes of 6 through 10 increase a page’s standing.

Every page shouldn't receive a 10. Compare the page to other beneficial pages on the site. A 7 is a positive vote!

Is a page inaccurate or in need of improvements to meet the standards of other pages on SP? Votes of 1-5 will decrease a page’s standing. Try to offer constructive comments that explain your vote if a member has made an honest effort but needs to make changes.

Meaning of Your Vote

The following is a rough guide to the meaning of the vote values:

1The Worst. Ever.
3Pretty Bad
5Needs Additions
8Great Work
9Wow! Amazing
10The Best. Ever.

Be sure to keep in mind the intention of the page/image when voting.

A Word of Caution

Beware of committing acts of vengeful downvoting or vote padding. If you accumulate too many outliers, your voting power may be decreased. Vote honestly, and you'll have nothing to worry about.