Dzi Beads

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Dzi Beads
Created On: Mar 2, 2007
Last Edited On: Sep 5, 2007

A beautiful Mistery of the Himalayan world

DZi bead is one of the most mysterious of all the beads known today.
It is unclear as to its exact origin, time of manufacture, or even how long they have been an important part of Tibetan culture.
The main places of origin are Western Tibet, Eastern Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, Ladakh and certain regions in the Himalayas.
Jewelery has always been of great significance in this area. It was used as a way to show status, and also had great religious significance.
The precious protection amulet is also called heavenly stone, tian-zhu because of its miraculous properties that releases the highest kind of blessings, energy and protection to the wearer.
They are thought to bring good luck, ward off evil, and protect the wearer from physical harm and illness.
The ancient Dzi absorbs strong cosmic energy from the universe, thus obtaining countless wisdom.
These ancient beads have a rich history in Tibetan folklore and Himalayan legend.
The Tibetan people believe that only a person with extremely good 'karma' will have the fortune of owning such a bead.
Dzi stones can often be seen in Tibetan Monasteries adorning the most revered statues and sacred relics.
For thousands of years, Tibetans have viewed Dzi as a living gemstone.
It is meant for family heirloom, reverently kept and passed down over generations.
It’s a great privilege and honour for me having one of this precious gemstone.
If you have one, add an image of yours.



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Dzi Beads

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