East routes to Sentinel and Porter

This map is intended to contrast good and bad routes to the ridgeline, from the east in Johnson Canyon. The northern red GPS trace shows a decent route with one very short class 3 stretch; there is little brush. The southern red GPS trace is the DPS guide "route B" and is absolutely terrible. Since the DPS guide was written, there has been a forest fire, and significant mass-wasting, obliterating the old mule trail to Porter Pass and covering it with slippery scree and dirt. In addition, the DPS B area is now covered with prickly bushes.

The purple dots provide a hypothetical descent, which looked good when viewed from the ridge. This descent eventually drops one at the fork between North and South branches of Johnson Canyon, at about 3400'. Don't drop off the ridges too early, as there are springs with thick growth in some of the valleys.


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