Eastern Black Sea Range

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The Eastern Black Sea Range is a 250-km long chain of mountains in Northeast Turkey along the Black Sea Coast. It includes such subranges as the Kackar Mountains in Rize/Artvin provinces, Gavur Mountains in Gumushane province, Zigana Mountain in Trabzon/Gumushane provinces. The Eastern Black Sea Range is also referred to as Pontic Mountains.

The highest peak of the Eastern Black Sea Range is Kackar (12900 ft, 3932m), located on the border of Rize and Artvin provinces.

Abdal Musa (10928 ft, 3331m) is the highest peak of the Gavur Mountains.

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Getting There

Trabzon is the regional center. You can fly into Trabzon from Istanbul or Ankara, and in the summer season from a few European cities. From there transportation to other cities is by bus or car.
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Red Tape

Usually no permit is required, though you should check with local authorities in each area.
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Eastern Black Sea Range

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