Fairyland Trail, Bryce, Utah

Fairyland Trail, Bryce, Utah

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We asked, which hike is the longest?

Fairyland Point is an area often passed by. It is north of most of the features in the canyon, especially the visitor center. You start at the shuttle bus stop of Sunrise or Sunset point. About 6 miles and 2500 feet of elevation gained and lost. Lovely, unusual, colorful sandstones make up all the features. Several names have been given the rocks: the "sinking ship" is one to the far northeast. Due east of Bryce Canyon you will see Canaan Peak (9293 feet) looking rather high and flat, covered with evergreen trees. Also, Navajo Mountain (10388 feet) lies about 80 miles away to the southeast.

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Powell Point (10188 feet) was named for John Wesley Powell by his right-hand-man Almon Thompson in 1872. Almon married Powell's sister and they named Mount Ellen (11522 feet), the high point in the Henry mountains, after her. Surveyors could work from Powell Point and see into Arizona (territory). Colorful with orange, white and pink cliffs and trees, it is about 15 miles northeast of Bryce Canyon and visible from almost everywhere in the park, even low places on trails.

The very longest trail:

Under-the Rim trail in Bryce Canyon is 31-miles long, but it comes up to the top with connecting trails at each named area.