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Activities Activities: Hiking, Mountaineering, Ice Climbing, Skiing
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 17800 ft / 5425 m
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Cerro Pintor / Cerro La Parva
Cerro La Parva first in the middle (brown), Cerro El Pintor right behind (more colorful), Cerro El Plomo covered by Glacier Iver towards the back, Cerro Leonera to the left


Farellones is popular for Chileans and foreigners alike, due to its easy access and close proximity to Santiago, variety of non-technical mountains that get up to 5424m/17,800 feet, and internationally recognized ski resorts. 

Its diverse activities allow for it to be enjoyed year round by athletes and outdoor enthusiasts practicing different sports - mountaineering, ice climbing, skiing, snowboarding, randonee, trail running and hiking. 

Getting There

Considering you are already in Santiago, you head out on Avenida Las Condes and follow the signs towards Farellones and the main ski centers.

Farellones is just over 50km northeast of central Santiago. The signage is a bit subtle so keep your eyes alert. Once you pass the Mall Sport on the right, you´ll see a Terpel Service Station. Turn right here and you´re on "Camino de Farellones" which is the G-21. Once you entering the "Camino a Farellones", you have around 30 kilometers climbing up 40 curves. 

Near the service station, there are multiple places to rent some basic equipment if needed, as well as chains for the vehicle, which is required after June.  On weekends and during holidays only up-hill traffic is permitted between 8am and 2pm, and down-hill traffic is permitted from 4pm to 8pm. At other times it’s a two-way road.

During summer, beware of cyclists who use the hills for training. 

There is also public transport to Farellones, from Santiago

Internationally Recognized Ski Centers 

  • La Parva - the first ski resort in the area, keeping in mind that all within 30 minutes of eachother
  • El Colorado  - the second ski resort 
  • Valle Nevado - the most famous ski resort with the highest and best slopes 

The La Parva Ski Resort opens its slopes for mountain biking and MTB bikers who do tricks during the summer season. 


Cerro Provincia 

At the beginning of the Farellones sector. It is an easy trekking/hiking mountain with 2.750 meters / 9022 feet that is typically done in 6-8 hours. It is also popular for trail runners who do it much quicker. Article about Climbing Cerro Provincia not on SummitPost. 

Summit View on Cerro Provincia
Cerro Provincia is at the beginning of the Farellones region

Yerba Loca 

Yerba Loca is a park within the Farellones region with many activities. You can do camping, trekking, mountaineering, mountain bike, cross country and ice climbing. It has over 11.300 hectares and mountains between 2400-5250meters. Within Yerba Loca is the La Paloma Glacier; you can  camp at the base of the glacier and do a trekking to one of its lookouts. The approximation is long, so it is done in 2 days.  

Yerba Loca has become one of the regions favorite places for ice climbing and frozen waterfall ice climbing. 

Here's a link to the Yerba Loca website with details on all its fantastic outdoor options. 

Cerro Pintor / Cerro La Parva

The two 4000m / 13000ft mountains most accessible from Santiago. They are accessed from the La Parva Ski Resort. These two mountains are often done together, as you pass La Parva on the way to Pintor, and only takes an additional 30ish minutes. These can be done in one day. Article on Climbing Cerro Pintor / La Parva not on Summit Post. 

Cerro Pintor / La Parva
Penitentes on the way to Cerro Pintor / Cerro La Parva

Cerro Leonera

A non technical and easy 5000m / 16400ft mountain, often done before Cerro El Plomo and for training. Also this mountain is very popular for trail runners. When done as an acclimatization route, it is typically done in 2 days. However, at a good pace, it can be done in one very long day. Article about Climbing Cerro Leonera not on Summit Post.

Cerro Leonera, view of El Plomo from the Summit
Summit of Cerro Leonera has an unmatchable view of Cerro El Plomo

Cerro El Plomo 

The tallest region in this sector, and tallest mountain with such close proximity to Santiago. It has 5424m / 17800ft and is typically done in 3 days. It's an ideal mountain for acclimatizing before taller mountains such as San Jose Volcano, Marmolejo, Tupungato, Ojos del Salado and Aconcagua. Article about Climbing Cerro El Plomo on Summit Post. 

The normal route is non technical but requires crampons and ice axe for a short crossing of the glacier. Another, technical route, is via the face of the Iver glacier. 

La Hoya / La Olla, Cerro El Plomo
La Hoya / La Olla, Cerro El Plomo

    When to Visit 

    • Mountaineering: November - April 
    • Trail Running: November - April 
    • Ice Climbing: June - October
    • Randonee / Ski / Snowboard: June - September, depending on the year's snowfall 
    • Mountain Biking (with tricks): December - March at La Parva