Flat Top, Emery County, Utah

Flat Top, Emery County, Utah

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Flat Top, 7140 feet, south of Price, Utah

Flat Top mountain can be seen from Price, Wellington, Kenilworth, and for 60 miles of US highway 6 from Helper and all the way past the popular ghost town of Woodside. The top is flat enough and large enough for a football stadium and parking lot. Basic routefinding required, there are no trails on the mountain. It looks easy from far away, but small cliffs and pour-offs slow you down. Nice junipers and native plants make the desert quite green year-round. A fine example of something seen but rarely visited. Also, this mountain looks pretty much the same from the north, east, west, and from I-70 west of Green River to the south.

Getting there:

Head for Cleveland-Lloyd dinosaur quarry, a visitor center with dinosaur bones in process of excavation. It is located on dirt roads in good shape due east of Huntington, Elmo, and Cleveland Utah. Flat top is about 5 miles due east of the quarry. There are less miles of dirt from the west going east, but you can approach the quarry and Flat top from the east, starting at the signed entry south of the East Carbon turnoff from US highway 6. Rural dirt roads wind around and you can see the mountain all the time. Going this way takes you past Mounds and Victor, ghost towns that used to even have post offices, but little trace now.