Flatiron Classics by Gerry Roach

Flatiron Classics by Gerry Roach

Colorado, United States, North America
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Lovingly titled the "Book of Armaments" by Bill Wright, Gerry's guide to the Flatirons is a comprehensive list of routes in the Flatirons. Throughout the guide he designates several dozen routes as being "Classic" as well as noting the "Top 10". He goes on to say that anybody who climbs all the Classics earns the title "Dr. Flatiron" and that plus enough to equal 100 routes will graduate "Summit Cum Laude". This list is simply an easy place for me to track my progress.

My Progress

Type of RouteTotal RoutesCompleted

“Top Ten”1010
"Summit Cum Laude"
All Routes
Individually Named Formations
*Very rough estimate and only by names below.*

The List

✓ Rock NameRoute NameClass*Classic or Top Ten*
Achean PronouncementEast Face5.7*Classic*
 Achean PronouncementEast Face Variation 15.3-5.4 
 Achean PronouncementEast Face Variation 25.6 
 Advisors, The
Amoeboid, TheBuckets4 
Angel’s Way, TheAngel’s Way5.0-5.2*Classic*
Anomaly, TheEast Face5.0 
 Apostle, TheSoutheast Ridge4 
✓ Babyhorn, TheEast Face5.0-5.2 
 Babyhorn, TheSouth Face5.7 
 Babyhorn, TheWest Face5.9 
Backporch, TheEast Face5.6*Top Ten*
 Backporch, TheSouthern Exposure5.7 
 Bear Creek SpireNorth Side4 
 Bear Creek SpireNorth Side Variation5.3-5.4 
 Box, TheSouth Ramp4 
 Box, TheSouth Ramp Variation3 
Cavernous SinusRoot Canal4 
ChallengerEast Face5.4*Classic*
 CrackironEast Face5.6 
 Der FreischutzEast Face5.0-5.2 
Der FreischutzFree Shot3*Classic*
✓ Der FreischutzSouth Ridge4*Classic*
 Der ZerkleEast Face North Side5.7 
Der ZerkleEast Face South Side5.6 
 Der ZerkleFinal Solution, The5.8 
✓ Der ZerkleJugs5.7 
 Der ZerkleSunnyside One5.6 
✓ Der ZerkleSunnyside Two4 
Der ZerkleWest Face5.0-5.2 
✓ Deviation, LowerEast Face4**Not east face**
 Deviation, UpperEast Face5.3-5.4 
 Devil’s AdvocateNortheast Ridge5.6 
✓ Devil's Horns
*Not in Roach Guide*
 Devil’s Pinkie, TheSoutheast Side4 
Devil’s ThumbEast Face5.7 
Dinosaur Egg, NorthernRehatch5.5*Classic*
Dinosaur Egg, SouthernHatch5.5*Classic*
✓ Dinosaur MtnBowling Alley3 
✓ Dinosaur MtnEast Summit Approach4 
✓ Dinosaur MtnFrom Mallory Cave3 
✓ Dinosaur MtnFumbledeedum5.0-5.2 
✓ Dinosaur MtnNorth Ridge5.0-5.2 
✓ Dinosaur MtnPorch Alley3 
✓ Dinosaur MtnSouthwest Slopes3 
✓ Dinosaur RockDinosaur Tracks5.0-5.2 
Dinosaur RockEast Bone4 
✓ Dinosaur RockEast Face5.3-5.4*Classic*
 Dinosaur RockEast Face Variation5.0-5.2 
Dinosaur RockSouth Ramps5.3-5.4 
 Dinosaur RockWest Bone4 
Dinosaur RockWest Face4 
 DownclimbEast Face5.0-5.2 
 DownclimbWest Face5.3-5.4 
 DumEast Face5.0-5.2 
 DumSouth Ridge5.3-5.4 
 Easy StreetEast Face4 
 Eyes of the CanyonBlinded5.3-5.4 
 Eyes of the CanyonLichen Wars5.6 
 Eyes of the CanyonSight Flight4 
✓ Fatiron, TheEast Face5.3-5.4*Top Ten*
✓ Fatironette
East Face
 FeeSouth Ridge5.3-5.4 
✓ FeeSouth Ridge Extra Credit5.0-5.2 
 Fern Canyon AmphitheaterSanctaury, The4 
✓ FiFi Fun5.0-5.2*Classic*
✓ Fiddle HeadEast Face5.3-5.4*Classic*
 Fifth FlatironCatscratch Cracks5.0-5.2 
✓ Fifth FlatironEast Face North Side5.0-5.2*Classic*
✓ Fifth FlatironEast Face South Side5.3-5.4*Classic*
 Fifth FlatironNortheast Buttress5.5 
✓ Finger FlatironEast Face5.3-5.4 
 Finger FlatironMere Wall5.8 
✓ First FlatironAtalanta5.3-5.4 
✓ First FlatironAtalanta Variation5.0-5.2
✓ First FlatironBaker’s Way5.3-5.4*Classic*
 First FlatironButterfly5.7 
 First FlatironButterfly Variation5.3-5.4 
✓ First FlatironEast Face Center5.6*Top Ten*
 First FlatironEast Face Center Variation 15.5 
 First FlatironEast Face Center Variation 25.4 
✓ First FlatironEast Face Center Variation 35.6 
✓ First FlatironEast Face Gully5.3-5.4 
✓ First FlatironEast Face North Side5.0-5.2 
✓ First FlatironFandango5.5 
✓ First FlatironFandango Variation 15.5 
✓ First FlatironFandango Variation 25.3-5.4 
 First FlatironFandango Variation 34 
 First FlatironFandango Variation 45.6 
 First FlatironHubris5.3-5.4 
 First FlatironHubris Variation 15.0-5.2 
 First FlatironHubris Variation 25.3-5.4 
 First FlatironHubris Variation 35.6 
✓ First FlatironNorth Arete5.3-5.4*Classic*
✓ First FlatironNorth Arete Variation5.6 
✓ First FlatironSouthwest Face5.2 
 First FlatironSouthwest Face Variation5.3 
✓ First FlatironZig Zag5.7 
 First FlatironZig Zag Variation5.6 
✓ First FlatironetteEast Face5.0-5.2 
✓ First FlatironetteSouth Ridge5.0-5.2 
 First FlatironetteSouth Ridge Variation4 
✓ Fist, TheEast Face5.6 
 Fist, TheNorth Face5.7 
Fist, TheSouth Ramp5.5 
 Fist, TheSouth Ridge5.6 
 Fist, TheWest Face5.3 
 Fist, TheWest Face Variation5.7+ 
 Flying FlatironEast Face5.6 
✓ FoQuadratic Equation5.6*Classic*
✓ Fourth FlatironEast Face5.3-5.4*Classic*
 Fourth FlatironEast Face Variation5.3-5.4 
 Fourth FlatironEast Face Extra Credit5.3-5.4 
 Fourth FlatironetteEast Face and South Ridge5.3-5.4 
✓ FrontporchEast Face Center4 
 FrontporchEast Face South Side5.0-5.2 
 FrontporchNortheast Ridge3 
✓ FrontporchTiptoe Slab5.0-5.2*Classic*
✓ FumEast Face North Side5.0-5.2 
 FumEast Face North Side Variation5.5 
 FumEast Face South Side5.6 
✓ Gazebo, TheEast Face3 
✓ Gazebo, TheSouth Ridge3 
✓ Goose, TheEast Face4 
✓ Goose, TheEast Face Variation 15.3-5.4 
 Goose, TheEast Face Variation 25.3-5.4 
 Goose, TheEast Face Variation 33 
 Goose, TheEast Face Variation 45.8 
 Goose, TheEast Face Variation 55.3-5.4 
 Goose, TheSouth Ridge5.3-5.4 
 Goose, TheSouth Ridge Variation5.3-5.4 
 Goose EggsBroken Egg East Face5.0-5.2 
✓ Goose EggsNorthern Egg East Face5.3-5.4 
✓ Goose EggsSmallest Egg East Face5.0-5.2 
 Goose EggsSouthern Egg East Face5.0-5.2 
 Goose EggsSouthern Egg South Ramp5.0-5.2 
✓ Green MtnTangen Tunnel4 
 Green Mtn PinnacleEast Face5.5 
 Green Mtn PinnacleEast Face Variation5.0-5.2 
✓ Green Mtn PinnacleFern Alley3 
✓ Green Mtn PinnacleGreen Sneak4 
✓ Green Mtn PinnacleTakin’ Care of Business5.6*Top Ten*
✓ Green ThumbEast Face5.3-5.4 
 Green ThumbGreen Corner Right5.8+ 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterEast Bench Dihedral5.2 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterEast Bench Inside Southwest Face4 
 Gregory AmphitheaterEast Bench Inside SW Face Var 15.3-5.4 
 Gregory AmphitheaterEast Bench Inside SW Face Var 25.0-5.2 
 Gregory AmphitheaterEast Bench Inside SW Face Var 35.3-5.4 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterEast Bench Inside West Face4 
 Gregory AmphitheaterEast Bench Inside West Face Var 15.3-5.4 
 Gregory AmphitheaterEast Bench Inside West Face Var 25.0-5.2 
 Gregory AmphitheaterEast Bench Northeast Chimney5.3 
 Gregory AmphitheaterEast Bench Northeast Chimney Var5.7 
 Gregory AmphitheaterEast Bench Northeast Corner5.0-5.2 
 Gregory AmphitheaterEast Bench Northeast Corner Variation5.0-5.2 
 Gregory AmphitheaterEast Bench Northeast Corner EC4 
 Gregory AmphitheaterEast Bench Outside South FaceA1/5.6 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterFirst Pinnacle Juniper Crack5.5 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterFirst Pinnacle McCrumm’s Crack5.4 
 Gregory AmphitheaterFirst Pinnacle Northeast Corner5.4 
 Gregory AmphitheaterFirst Pinnacle Pizza Pie Crack5.4 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterFirst Pinnacle Southeast Face5.3*Classic*
 Gregory AmphitheaterFirst Pinnacle Upper South Face5.4 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterFirst Pinnacle West Ridge4 
 Gregory AmphitheaterFirst Pinnacle West Ridge Variation5.0-5.2 
 Gregory AmphitheaterFirst Pinnacle West Ridge Extra Credit4 
 Gregory AmphitheaterFourth Pinnacle East Face5.6 S 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterFourth Pinnacle Halls of Poison Ivy5.0-5.2 
 Gregory AmphitheaterSecond Pinnacle East Face5.7 
 Gregory AmphitheaterSecond Pinnacle East Face Variation 15.7 
 Gregory AmphitheaterSecond Pinnacle East Face Variation 25.7 
 Gregory AmphitheaterSecond Pinnacle North Face5.6 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterSecond Pinnacle Northwest Corner5.1 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterSecond Pinnacle NW Corner EC4 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterSecond Pinnacle South Face5.2*Classic*
 Gregory AmphitheaterSecond Pinnacle South Face Variation4 
 Gregory AmphitheaterSecond Pinnacle Southwest Face4 
 Gregory AmphitheaterSecond Pinnacle SW Face Variation4 
 Gregory AmphitheaterSouth Pinnacle3 
 Gregory AmphitheaterT-Zero East Face5.0-5.2 
 Gregory AmphitheaterT-Zero East Face Variation5.3-5.4 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterT-Zero North Ridge4 
 Gregory AmphitheaterT-Zero South Ridge5.3-5.4 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterT-Zero West Face5.5*Classic*
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterThird Pinnacle Halls of Ivy5.3 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterThird Pinnacle Halls of Ivy Variation5.0-5.2 
 Gregory AmphitheaterThird Pinnacle South Ridge5.6 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterWest Bench Dihedral5.0-5.2 
 Gregory AmphitheaterWest Bench Dihedral Variation5.4 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterWest Bench Direct West Bench5.6 
✓ Gregory AmphitheaterWest Bench The Slot5.6*Classic*
 Gregory AmphitheaterWest Bench The Inset5.6 
 Gregory AmphitheaterWest Bench Inset Variation5.7 
 Gregory FlatironetteNorth Ridge5.0-5.2 
✓ Gregory FlatironetteSouth Ridge4 
✓ Hammerhead, TheYodeling Moves4*Classic*
 Hammerhead, TheYodeling Moves Variation4 
✓ Hand, TheEast Face5.3-5.4 
✓ Harmon’s FlatironetteEast Face North Side4 
✓ Harmon’s FlatironetteEast Face North Side Extra Credit
 Harmon’s FlatironetteEast Face South Side4 
 Harmon’s FlatironetteHarmon’s East3 
 Harmon’s FlatironetteHarmon’s East Variation5.0-5.2 
 Hill Billy FlatironettesEastern Flatironette East Face4 
Hill Billy FlatironettesEastern Flatironette South Ridge4 
 Hill Billy FlatironettesCentral Southern Boulder N Face5.3-5.4 
 Hill Billy FlatironettesEastern Southern Boulder W Face5.6 
 Hill Billy FlatironettesLower Southern Boulder S Ridge3 
 Hill Billy FlatironettesUpper Southern Boulder SW Ridge4 
 Hill Billy FlatironettesUpper Southern Boulder SE Ridge3 
Hill Billy RockEast Face5.0 
✓ Hill Billy RockEast Face South Side5.0-5.2*Classic*
Hill Billy RockNorth Face5.0-5.2 
✓ Hobo, TheEast Face4 
Hourglass, TheEast Face5.0-5.2 
Icarus, Northern SummitEast Face5.3 
 Ironing Board, EasternQue Rasca5.7 
 Ironing Board, EasternSmooth5.6 
 Ironing Board, WesternCrescent Crack5.6 
 Jamcrack Spire*Not in Roach Guide*
✓ JawsNorth Ridge5.0-5.2 
 Keel, TheNortheast Ridge4 
 Last FlatironetteEast Face4 
 Lost FlatironetteSoutheast Ridge5.0-5.2 
✓ Lost PorchSoutheast Ridge5.0-5.2 
 Lost SentinelsNorthern Rib5.3 
 Lost SentinelsSouthern Rib4 
MacbethEast Face4 
✓ Maiden, TheNorth Face5.6*Top Ten*
✓ Maiden, TheNorth Face Variation 15.7 
 Maiden, TheNorth Face Var 2 The Walton Traverse5.5 
 Maiden, TheSouth Face5.8 
✓ Mallory FlatironetteEast Face4 
✓ Matron, TheEast Ridge5.5*Classic*
✓ Matron, TheNorth Face5.6*Top Ten*
 Matron, TheNorth Face Variation 15.6 
 Matron, TheSouth Face5.6 
 Matron, TheWest Face5.8 
 Mohling AreteMohling Arete5.6 
✓ Morning After, The (The Thing)East Face5.7*Classic*
 Morning After, TheEast Face Variation5.6 

Nebel Horn, TheNebel Via5.0-5.2 
✓ Nebel Horn, The
"Lark's Ascending" 
✓ OnocleaEast Face5.3-5.4*Classic*
 OnocleaWest Face5.6 
✓ Overhang RockEast Face5.6 
✓ Overhang Rock - South Pinnacle
North Ridge - Extra Credit
 Overhang Rock
Junior Achievement
✓ Overture, TheEast Face4 
 Overture, TheSouth Ridge5.0-5.2 
✓ PellaeaEast Face5.5*Top Ten*
 PellaeaEast Face Variation 15.3-5.4 
 PellaeaEast Face Variation 25.6 
 PellaeaEast Face Variation 35.6 
 Penguin, TheEast Face5.3-5.4 
✓ Pup, TheNorth Ridge5.0-5.2 
✓ Pyramid, The
*Not in the Roach Guide*
✓ Queen Anne’s HeadEast Face5.3-5.4*Classic*
✓ Queen Anne’s HeadEast Face Variation5.6 
✓ Rainbow, TheEast Face5.0-5.2 
✓ Rainbow, ThePrimal Rib5.4*Classic*
 Red DevilBerserker, The5.7 
 Red DevilBerserker, Way Berserker Variation5.8 
 Red DevilEast Face5.5 
 Red DevilSouth Face5.4 
 Red DevilSouth Face Variation5.8 
✓ Regency, TheEl Camino Royale4*Classic*
✓ Royal ArchEast Face4 
 Royal ArchWest Ridge5.6 
 Saddle RockNorth Ridge4 
 Saddle RockNortheast Face5.0-5.2 
 Saddle RockSouthern Summit North Face5.0-5.2 
 Saddle RockSouthern Summit North Face5.5 
 Saddle RockWest Dihedral4 
 Saddle RockWest Dihedral Variation5.3 
 Saddle RockWest Face5.7 
 Saddle RockWest Face Variation5.0-5.2 
 Satan’s SlabEnchanted Devil5.3-5.4 
✓ Satan’s SlabEast Face5.6*Classic*
✓ Schmoe’s NoseEast Face5.6 
✓ Seal RockEast Face North Side4 
✓ Seal RockEast Face South Side5.4*Classic*
 Seal RockEast Face South Side Variation 15.0-5.2 
 Seal RockEast Face South Side Variation 25.0-5.2 
 Seal RockSouthwest Face5.3-5.4 
 Seal RockSouthwest Face Extra Credit4 
✓ Second FlatironDodge Block4*Classic*
✓ Second FlatironFree For All5.6 
✓ Second FlatironFreeway4*Classic*
✓ Second FlatironPulman Car South Face5.0-5.2 
✓ Second FlatironPulman Car West Face5.0-5.2 
✓ Second FlatironSouth Sneak4 
✓ Second FlatironSoutheast Ridge5.7 
✓ Second FlatironetteEast Face4 
 Second FlatironetteEast Face Variation5.6 
 Sentinel BouldersEast Sentinel Boulder North Face5.6 
 Sentinel BouldersEast Sentinel Boulder South Face5.6 
 Sentinel BouldersWest Sentinel Boulder SE Ridge5.3-5.4 
 Sentinel BouldersWest Sentinel Boulder West Face3 
✓ Shanahan Crag, CentralSouth Face5.4*Classic*
✓ Shanahan Crag, CentralSoutheast Ridge of Southern Summit4*Classic*
 Shanahan Crag, CentralSoutheast Ridge of Northern Summit4 
 Shanahan Crag, EasternEast Ridge3 
 Shanahan Crag, EasternEastern South Face4 
 Shanahan Crag, EasternWestern South Face5.4 
 Shanahan Crag, NorthernEast Face5.0-5.2 
✓ Shark’s FinNorth Side5.0-5.2 
✓ Shark’s FinSouth Side5.5 
✓ Shirttail PeakNortheast Face3 
 Slab, TheBulges5.0-5.2 
✓ Slab, TheDiagonal5.0-5.2*Classic*
 Slab, TheDiagonal Variation 14 
 Slab, TheDiagonal Variation 25.0-5.2 
 Slab, TheLeft ‘N Up5.0-5.2 
✓ Slab, TheSyzygy5.0-5.2 
✓ South Amphitheater PinnacleSouth Ridge **Not in Roach** 5.0  
✓ South Green MtnEast Face5.0-5.2 
✓ South Green MtnNorth Sneak5.0-5.2 
 South Boulder PeakSoutheast Ridge4 
 Sphinx, TheLower East Face5.7 
 Sphinx, TheTiller, The5.0-5.2 
 Sphinx, TheUpper East Face4 
✓ Spy, TheEast Ridge5.0-5.2*Classic*
✓ Square RockNorthwest Corner5.8 
 Stairway To HeavenBetter Than Love5.5 
 Stairway To HeavenLove5.4 
✓ Stairway To HeavenStairway To Heaven5.3-5.4*Top Ten*
✓ Sunset FlatironetteChase the Sun5.3-5.4*Classic*
 Sunset FlatironettePack Rat5.7 
✓ Sunset FlatironetteEast Face4 
✓ Tangen Tower, LowerSouth Face5.5 
 Tangen Tower, UpperEast Face5.3-5.4 
 Tiller, The
 ? ? 
 Third Flatiron1911 Gully5.4 
 Third FlatironDog’s Head Cutoff5.4 
✓ Third FlatironEast Face5.0-5.2*Top Ten*
✓ Third FlatironEast Face Variation 15.0-5.2 
✓ Third FlatironEast Face Variation 25.0-5.2 
✓ Third FlatironEast Face North Side5.3-5.4 
✓ Third FlatironEast Face South Side5.0-5.2*Classic*

Third FlatironEast Face South Side Variation5.0-5.2 
 Third FlatironFalcon’s Fracture5.8 
✓ Third FlatironFriday’s Folly5.7*Top Ten*
 Third FlatironFriday’s Folly Direct Finish5.7 
 Third FlatironGreenman’s Crack5.3 
✓ Third FlatironSaturday’s Folly5.8+ 
 Third FlatironSouth Chimney5.4 
 Third FlatironSouth Chimney Variation5.5 
✓ Third FlatironSouthwest Chimney5.0-5.2 
 Third FlatironWest Door5.6 
✓ Third FlatironWinky Woo5.4*Classic*
✓ Third FlatironetteSoutheast Ridge4 
Tiny TowerEast Face5.6*Classic*
 Tiny TowerWest Ridge5.0-5.2 
✓ Tomato RockThe Easy Way
 Tower of the Moon
*Not in Roach Guide*
 Two Move RockSoutheast Ridge5.0-5.2 
✓ Unicorn, TheSoutheast Ridge5.0-5.2 
WC Field’s PinnacleA Very Ament’s Slab5.8*Classic*
 WC Field’s PinnacleA Very Ament’s Slab Extra Credit5.0-5.2 
 WC Field’s PinnacleWest Face5.3-5.4 
 Willy B, TheEast Face5.8 
Willy B, TheSwing Time5.7 
Witch's Cabin
Easy Way
 Wings, TheSouth Wing East Face5.0-5.2 
 Woods QuarryEast Face South Side5.8