Ford Ridge, Carbon, Utah

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Additional Information County: Carbon

Locally important and visible

Due east of Schofield and northwest of Price and Helper is a naturally placed edge with communication towers. At 9789-feet the signals can travel out and cover the territory. Dirt roads are in the area south of US highway 6 and between Colton and Emma Park Road (see another report).
Another White river (besides the much bigger one south of Vernal)is also near, joining the Price river at their hidden spot. Ford Falls is a natural, small waterfall at about milemarker 223 of US 6. The towers can be seen 25 miles away looking from the southbound side of Soldier Summit.

Getting there

One of the dirt roads at about milemarker 220-221 heading southbound will get you there. You lose sight and then suddenly see the towers again. The last time I was there, a girl was deer-hunting with a bow and not finding much.