Page Type: Mountain/Rock
Lat/Lon: 46.33430°N / 8.20410°E
Activities: Trad Climbing
Season: Summer
Elevation: 5906 ft / 1800 m


Grimselpass is one of the most beautiful mountain passes of the Swiss Alps. Its length is 32km and the highest level is 2165m. This pass goes between Innertkirchen and Gletsch.
If you come on the road you can see the climbing area from very far. It is very close to Räterichsboden dam. You can find there dozens of 1-15 pitches routes. There are 5 sektors: Azalée Beach, Donald Duck, Crow, Foxie and Dom. About 30 routes are well equipped with new bolts and rapellig standings. Some of these length are 400m. Most of the routes are slopes.
The good quality granit seems difficult because there are huge tables without any cracks or other handholds. Real slope climbing...
You can climb there in dry weather because the moss on the rock surface is very sleek.
If you don't use the well equipped rapelling standings for descending you can walk down from the end of each routes and if you are lucky you can eat a lot of blackberries. :-)
Morceaux in Krümel Route

Getting There

Go to Grimselpass and go down its north side to the direction of Interlaken. Below the dam you can find an elevator station called Gerstenegg Kraftwerk. You can park here with your car. You can reach the climbing sectors from here. You should cross the grassy field and go down on the track.

Grimselpass map

Sektors and routes:

Azalée Beach:

Alphorn 5c+
Moritz 3b
Kristall 4c
Finisch 6a
Felix 4a
Zizagutti 5c
Nils Holgersohn 5a
Traverse Stupid 5c
Hardöpfel 5c
Grimsel Life 5c+
Azalée Beach 5c+
Seelsorger 6a+
Chüngel 5c
Wadenchrampf 6a-

Donald Duck:

Donald Duck 5a
Roadrunner 4c
Dagoberts Goldspeicher 5a
Speedy Gonzalez 4c

Fliegender TeppichFliegender Teppich Route


Fliegender Teppich 5a
Joe Fitzgerald 5a
Krümel 5a (5b)
Gamsipfad 5a
Bazi & Bizi 5a

Marlenka is belaying meKrümel route


Alpiner Abstieg 5a
Foxie 5a
Dousche Inklusive 4b


La Strada 5a+


In Fiesch

Camping Aareschlucht

In Innertkirchen

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Azalée Beach

Donald Duck