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Created On: Nov 15, 2008
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Easy and very well known ski mountain with wonderful views. I often did it, when I was too tired or the weather was not what I expected to climb the Sustenhorn. Wonderful view not only on the summit, but also on the way there. Of course, you can climb it anytime, but spring with skis or snow-board is most popular. If the 3 hour climb is not enough, you can also climb the Fünffingerstock by ski on the same day.

See the Swisstopo Map with many interesting features. Upload is in a seperate window.

Nr. 1210 Innertkirchen 1:25'000
Nr. 1211 Meiental 1:25'000

Clubführer, Urner Alpen, West
Alpine Skitouren, Zentralschweiz-Tessin

For books, maps, webcams, trains, buses, weather, avalanches, rescue see my list Swiss Links in a new window.

Getting There

Start from the Sustenpass road on the Bernese side. During the ski-ing time the Uri side is usually still full of snow, so you cannot the car from Wassen. Start on the Bernese side, from Interlaken, Lucerne usw. At Innertkirchen chose Sustenpass.

Here is the normal route:
Start your climb at Steingletscher 1865 m or follow the small side road road (to the right of the buildings)as far as you can. If it is free of snow up to Umpol, a toll is charged. When the road gets flat, you might see rocks from a landslide on your left (north). This was caused December 2nd, 1992 by 300 tons of ammunition and caused 6 deadly casualties.

Now follow the Steinlimigletscher, shortly before the Steinlimi 2734 m turn right and reach the summit.

If Steingletscher cannot be reached by car due to snow, you can leave the car behind Gadmen at the second sharp left-turn at ca. 1370m. Carry the skis on a path to the valley (Steinwasser), follow the brook up to Wyssenmad ca. 1600m and attack the long slope via Taleggli See (2056m), Taleggligletscher and also reach the Giglistock.

Of cours you can combine the 2 routes. Start at Steingletscher, climb Giglistock and ski down to the Sustenstrasse at 1370m. Then you must find a way to get the car at Steingletscher.

From Steinlimi 2734m, which connects Steingletscher with the Trift valley, there is a short and easy climb (II) to the top of Giglistock.

Red Tape

None. May charge road toll after Steingletscher.


Hotel Steingletscher, 1863 m, opens usually with the opening of the road. usually in May. It opens before the complete pass road is open! It is not easy to get information about the road condition, most officials only know if the entire passroad is open. Try to call Hotel Steingletscher ++41 (0)33 975 1222. Steingletscher is an ideal starting point for skiers: first easy Giglistock, then Fünffingerstock, and finally Sustenhorn and Gwächtenhorn.

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