Grand Mogul NE Ridge Beta

Some options for the NE ridge route of the Grand Mogul. The following is from the NE ridge route page: Once you get to base of the NE ridge route you need to make the first of many route finding decisions. In this photo, the small red dots take you up the start of the class 3 route with one section which is slightly sketchy in that you will be pinned up against steep slab on the right while navigating up dirt covered rock for about 40 feet. The footing is not the best but it’s doable. Alternately, the blue route will take you up a gully between the two cliff bands. The gully is somewhat steep and mostly dirt with a few boulders and is mostly steep class 2. The black route is another option which would take you around both cliff bands and would involve more bushwacking. All three routes join above the cliff bands and continue up along the NE ridge.


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