Grinnell Point views to the south

From the low saddle on the extreme left of the photo, Pollock Mountain signifies the beginning of a stretch of Continental Divide known as the Garden Wall. The high spire just to the right of Pollock is known as Bishop's Cap, with the blocky, snow-covered mass of Mount Gould further along the Divide. The sheer north face of Angel Wing is visible directly below Mount Gould, with stunning Grinnell Lake over 2,000 feet further below. Just to the right of the deep notch next to Mount Gould sits tiny Gem Glacier. The massive expanse of snow and ice in the basin below is Grinnell Glacier, with Salamander Glacier perched on the side of the Garden Wall above and to the right. Continuing to the right, Heaven's Peak's snowy summit barely protrudes over Garden Wall, with the long, ascending ridge culminating at the top of Mount Grinnell.

June 14, 2010


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