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Location Lat/Lon: 33.36167°N / 126.52917°E
Additional Information County: Republic of Korea (대한민국)
Activities Activities: Hiking
Seasons Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Additional Information Elevation: 6398 ft / 1950 m
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Located in Halla-san National Park on the island province of Jeju, South Korea, the dormant shield volcano Mount Halla dominates the small 74km long island at its heart. Often topped with cloud coverage on the summit, it is the highest point in the country at 1950m/6400ft.

Halla-san Summit
View from the summit

It's an easy hike over all (from any starting point) and only steep in a few spots, however if you venture off trail or onto the closed trails near the summit it's not hard to lose your footing especially with low visibility when socked in by clouds.

Halla-san (한라산)
Open field with volcanic boulders

For a full list of trails and a trail map visit here:

Halla View
View East from the edge of the caldera/summit

Getting There

You can fly to the Island from any major city in Korea for about $50 one way. There is also the option of taking a ferry from Busan, Wando or Mokpo on the southern coasts.

The Island itself has fairly good public transportation, although not extensive, but the buses don't run as frequently on holidays. If you are in need of a ride you'll likely be offered one by the locals as I was several times, including the police who dropped me off at a sculpture park because the bus wasn't running there at the time.

Halla Cloud
View of the summit bathed in cloud cover

Red Tape

There is no red tape to speak of although certain trails and areas are periodically closed for months or even years to allow the flora and fauna to recover from the massive onslaught of tourists that frequent this and other popular mountains in the country.

There are 5 main trails that approach the summit however one has been closed.  That leaves two trails that connect on the caldera rim. 
- Seongpanak - main trail from east
- Guaneumsa - trail from north
There are two trails that connect at a hut on the western flank. 
- Eorimok - trail from northwest 
- Yeongsil - trail from the southwest
These trails can all connect via spur trails at the highest point on the mountain, but alas the summit is closed and there are steep fines (₩ equivalent of $200-400) for violators. The closest you can legally access to the summit is a point in the rim a few hundred meters distant and 10m vertical of the summit. 

Halla-san Trail


Gwaneumsa Camp ground is roughly 10 km east of Jeju City near Slope Road (Hwy. 1117), about 1 km west of Gwaneumsa Temple.


As in all Korean Parks fees are cheap or non-existant:

Campsite Fees
Small (for 3 people and less): 3,000 won
Medium (for 4-9 people): 4,500 won
Large (for 10 people and more): 6,000 won

Shower Prices
Adults 600won / Youth 400 won/ Children 300 won

For more info visit here:

There are also rest shelters in a few locations, some have snacks and drinks for sale.

Halla-san Hut
Hut at Witsae Oreum 1714m

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Donnaeko trail as of 2016 is open for hikers. Be aware, it is much less built up than usual Korean trails. It takes the hiker deep into wooded areas. Wear sturdy shoes because the trail is filled with boulders and roots. Very quiet, serene trail. Saw perhaps one other hiker. Does not reach the summit, but reaches the crater.

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