"Have You Ever Wondered?"

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Have you ever wondered where has time gone? Where did those last "x" amount of years go? Well I have, everytime I see beautiful photos of adventures yet to come or when ever I open my gear closet to look at now dormant gear that I rarely have time to use anymore.

I remember 7 years ago wanting to learn how to "climb mountains", granted around here we just have "road bumps" in Kentucky. The natural course of action from there was looking up a local climbing gym in the Yellow Pages and going.

From 6 months of sport climbing and a Mt. Rainier attempt, to the rest of my short 7 year climbing stint I climbed trad and traveled to a few places to have more fun. During those travels I have seen many beautiful sunrises and sunsets to breath-taking scenery. In one of those travels I found happiness for the first time in many, many years. I was standing at the end of a route in Amphitheatre Rock over looking Boulder, CO.
Beautiful Sunrise

Back to the present, my health has somewhat declined and a career change is in full swing. I have two years of allergy shots left to endure besides being on three allergy medicines and carrying a rescue inhaler. Due to the severity of my allergies I have to finish the shots out (I'm so severely allergic to just about everything that no matter where I go in 2-6 months I will be allergic to where I live and it's back to square one).

But in thinking back on the times that have passed-this is for all the good times gone by, to all the friends made and lost, camping trips, and for the adventures left to come!!!