High Camp On Mount Hood

I created this small snow camp at 10,000' elevation on the south side of Mount Hood, only a five-minute walk away from the "Hogsback" ridge further up the mountain. I was the only person camping at such a high elevation on the mountain that day, and only the second tent-camper overall (the other one was on a rocky section at approximately 9600' elevation) on the south side route that day.

What should have taken only a few minutes for me to put together, this campsite and tent construction took over an hour for me to complete, due to very high winds (Minimum 40 MPH, possibly 50+ MPH) at the campsite and me being a solo hiker on this particular trip. It was difficult to keep the tent from flying away in the high winds, while at the same time using my snow anchor and stakes to help keep the tent in place, but I eventually got everything as it should be. Not perfect, but manageable for my evening.

Photo taken on June 6, 2009.


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