Highest rescue of a dead body

Highest rescue of a dead body

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In 2007 Jasmine Tours organize Austrian Golden Jubilee Broad Peak Expedition, one think which motivated me to write again about this expedition was Georg Kronthaler determination and courage to bring the body of his brother Markus Kronthaler down from Broad Peak.

Georg wrote before leaving "I don't just want to bring my brother down - I want to change the ethical principles in high altitude climbing. We can't only focus on our sport goals and thus walk literally over corpses - someone who had an accident doesn't deserve to be left there like garbage." he further mention Pakistan will celebrate the Broad Peak 50th anniversary in 2007 and a large number of climbers is expected on the mountain. " I too will climb Broad Peak together with my friends, But there is nothing to celebrate in my ascent, Markus remains are lying exposed at about 8000m in a place all climbers pass by. Many will take pictures I am sure - This is something my family and I just can not accept. Thus my goal on Broad Peak will be to take my brother down and bring him back home, where he will be properly buried."

Not only he brought down the body of his brother down from the mountain, he also wrote a history by bring down a dead body from an altitude of 7900m.

In brief after bringing down the body from the mountain, it was transported from Broad Peak base camp to Skardu by Army helicopter, from there it was further transported to Islamabad by Pakistan International Airlines. George was consulting back home with his family either to buried or burn the body in Islamabad, we first stored the body in PIM's hospital Islamabad so it did not loose its shape. we been to Hundi temple in Rawalpindi to find out either it is possible to burn the body but all in vain. Finally the family decided to bring the body back home to buried it there. With the help of Austrian Embassy in Islamabad we organize papers for the smooth travel of dead body from Pakistan to Austria. Markus Kronthaler body was transported to Austria, where a proper funeral ceremony was held which was participated by family and friends of Kronthaler family.

There are still many human bodies are lying on different Mountains in Pakistan, many of them are forgotten by their families. Mountains are not graveyard bring down your love-one remains from the mountains and buried them properly. "Pakistan High Altitude Rescue Organization - PHARO".

Asghar Ali Porik

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