This we figured was the 15 foot 4th class section. What made this trecherous was when the guy above started moving, tons of rocks would come hurtling down this chute and you didn't want to be trying to climb up. The only way we could do this safely was to have just one person at a time move. The route was nasty for another 200 feet above this little section (rocks) and so you just had to wait until the person ahead of you reached a spot where he was no longer climbing and capable of discharing the rocks before you could have the green light. This is steeper than it appears in the picture and turned out to be the crux section of the climb. So it is a short 4th class section (with plenty of holds) and a longer 3rd class Richard Joseph got hit with a rock just after I took this pic and I got one in the knee about the same time.


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